Making Faith Fun: 132 Spiritual Activites You Can Do with Your Kids

by Amy Viets

Paperback, 2006



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Adult > Spiritual Life


ACTA Publications (2006), 158 pages


We all know that we need to find or make time for family spiritual development. But ?knowing? and ?doing? are two completely different things. In Making Faith Fun, Amy Viets points out that perhaps trying to carve out a block of time for family spirituality is a mistake. Instead we can weave our faith into the mesh of our lives, creating a living faith as we go about our daily activities. After all, God is everywhere. Making Faith Fun is divided into chapters that reflect the everyday routines of our families. In chapters such as ?On the Road? and ?At the Store? you'll recognize the same challenges and opportunities we all face, and you'll find simple, practical suggestions for turning busy moments into a living faith. In the car, for example, the author offers such ideas as singing along to popular Christian music, or using the countless billboards passed along the road to spark discussion on important issues to help instill positive values in children.… (more)

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