Concentrating Solar Power Program Peer Review Report

by Sandia National Laboratories,

Technical Report, 2001


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2099; Report; December 2001.


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"The Department of Energy The Department of Energy requires periodic peer reviews of its programs. The Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Program, which is part of DOE's Office of Power Technologies, underwent a detailed 2-day review by a panel led by the MIT Energy Laboratory. The review was
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held in
Albuquerque, NM, on November 7 and 8, 2001.
As described in the Government Performance and Results Act, GPRA, PL 103-62, four criteria were applied when reviewing five specific parts of the CSP Program (Program Management, Distributed Power Systems, Dispatchable Power Systems, Advanced Components and Systems, and Test and Research Facilities) and for rating the overall program. The four criteria are
1. the quality of technology and engineering;
2. programmatic performance, management, and planning;
3. relevance to national and industry needs; and
4. other considerations.
The results of the Review are used by CSP Program managers to determine future direction and to improve the quality and effectiveness of the program requires periodic peer reviews of its programs. The Concentrating"
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