Molten Salt-Solar-Electric Experiment Vol 2 Addenda March 1987

by McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company,

Technical Report, 1987


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EPRI RP2302 2 Molten Salt Electric Experiment; Report; March 1987.


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Volume 2 of this research project is a compilation of various important documents such as Phase II Test Plans, Procedures, Data, Daily Logs, Audit Reports Subsystem Displays and Turbine-Generator Failure. Solar thermal central receiver systems have been under development since the early
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seventies. The first central receiver systems used water/steam as a heat transfer fluid in the receiver. Subsequent studies and test programs investigated molten salt, liquid sodium, and hot air as heat transfer fluids. They all possess certain advantages over water/steam, but many feel that molten nitrate salt is the most promising heat transfer fluid, particularly for utility-scale electric power plants with thermal storage.
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