CIRCE2/DEKGEN2: a software package for facilitated optical analysis of 3-D distributed solar energy concentrators

by Albuquerque Sandia National Laboratories, NM

Other authorsVicente Jose Romero
Technical Report, 1994


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SAND Report: SAND91-2238, March 1994


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CIRCE2 is a computer code for modeling the optical performance of three-dimensional dish-type solar energy concentrators. Statistical methods are used to evaluate the directional distribution of reflected rays from any given point on the concentrator, Given concentrator and receiver
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geometries, sunshape (angular distribution of incident rays from the sun), and concentrator imperfections such as surface roughness and random deviation in slope, the code predicts the flux distribution and total power incident upon the target, Great freedom exists in the variety of concentrator and receiver configurations That can be modeled. additionally, provisions for shading and receiver aperture are included. DEKGEN2 is a preprocessor designed to facilitate input of geometry, error distributions, and sun models. This manual describes the optical model, user inputs, code outputs, and operation of the software package, A user tutorial is included in which several collectors are built and analyzed in step-by-step examples.
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