Viscosity of multi-component molten nitrate salts : liquidus to 200 degrees C

by Livermore Sandia National Laboratories, CA

Other authorsRobert W. Bradshaw
Technical Report, 2010


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SAND Report: SAND2010-1129, March 2010.


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The viscosity of molten salts comprising ternary and quaternary mixtures of the nitrates of sodium, potassium, lithium and calcium was determined experimentally. Viscosity was measured over the temperature range from near the relatively low liquidus temperatures of the individual mixtures
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to 200°C. Molten salt mixtures that do not contain calcium nitrate exhibited relatively low viscosity and an Arrhenius temperature dependence. Molten salt mixtures that contained calcium nitrate were relatively more viscous and viscosity increased as the proportion of calcium nitrate increased. The temperature dependence of viscosity of molten salts containing calcium nitrate displayed curvature, rather than linearity, when plotted in Arrhenius format. Viscosity data for these mixtures were correlated by the Vogel-Fulcher-Tammann-Hesse equation.
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