Survey of high temperature thermal energy storage

by Livermore Sandia Laboratories, CA

Technical Report, 1976


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SAND Report: SAND75-8603, March 1976.


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This study represents a survey of current technology relating to high temperature thermal energy storage. The motivation for this study resulted from the need for energy storage in solar thermal applications; however, the results have much wider application. The generic classes· of
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storage concepts considered are sensible heat, latent heat, and heat of reversible chemical reaction. The study includes a review of the basic thermodynamic aspects of thermal energy storage; a summary of storage concepts which have been conceptualized and/ or built and tested, including comparisons of system characteristics within the generic classes; and, finally, specific technology surveys within the areas of materials problems, heat transfer and fluid mechanics problems and systems application. It is shown that the design and engineering of thermal storage systems have not progressed beyond the most simple concepts and that there has been only a limited effort in the design and construction of large scale systems. Current technology appears adequate to support the development of most sensible heat concepts and simple latent heat concepts while some degree of technology advancement will be required to develop advanced latent heat concepts and heat-of-reaction concepts. Specific recommendations for future research and development work are presented.
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