Review of Existing Mirror Panel Concepts for Point Focus Concentrating Collectors

by Applied Solar Pry Ltd

Technical Report, September 1999


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September 1999


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The conception, design and development of reflective surfaces for point focusing collectors and concentrators of solar energy cannot be considered in isolation. Factors such as application requirements and associated characteristics of the focal region and receiver (absorber}, collector
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efficiency, sizes of collector, the influence of solar resources and climatic conditions, as well as the needs of operation and maintenance of the overall collector units and many others, play a part in influencing collector configuration and reflective surface production and the manner in which these are realized. Not the least of the considerations which must be included in any proposed new collector conception/design/analysis, is the matter of economic viability in relation to size of system and the various competing options - not only in comparison with other solar technologies but particularly with respect to other means for providing the energy requirements in question.
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