Manual For The Ammonia Thermochemical Laboratory

by H. Kreetz,

Technical Report, November 2004


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November 2004


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"The Australian National University (ANU), Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems has an experimental laboratory available to investigate the thermochemical storage and transfer of solar energy using ammonia. This manual provides a general technical description of the ammonia thermochemical
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laboratory and assists in the safe operation. It can be used to achieve a better understanding of the functioning of the laboratory and its equipment; as a manual for typical procedures such as starting high pressure nitrogen supply, starting Labtech Notebook software, lowering synthesizer vessel etc.; as a safety operation manual; as a description of the laboratory's status quo. An important objective of this document is to ensure that all operators are aware of the potential hazards of this experimental ammonia system and of the design and
procedural means by which operational safety is maintained."
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