5th Cologne Solar Syposium

by K.H. Funken,

Technical Report, June 2001


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June 2001


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The 5th Cologne Solar Symposium, the documentation of this event, and the curriculum vitae of the person, to whom this event is dedicated symbolize in a nearly perfect way, how the requirements of life may compel us to adapt to the circumstances, how rewarding it can be to accept the
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challenges of unusual approaches, and to what achievement an optimistic view can lead a person - and a team. This confidence always accompanied Dr. Manfred Becker. His superiors and his colleagues wish him many good years to come, good health, and that he will enjoy the time he can now spend with his family. This publication covers some highlights of the special topic, Dr. Manfred Becker was actively promoting for so many years. Even he was involved in his first career in DLR's predecessor organizations DVL and later DFVLR in wind tunnel research, he took the opportunity to switch over to solar energy in 1978 - not at least because he saw in the related technologies an important option for mankind and for future generations. During many years he took a lot of effort to further the solar issue as the responsible project manager for central receiver systems at the Plataforma Solar in Almeria. In 1991 he became head of the "Solar Energy Technology Division", which at that time was part of the Management Services.
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