Experimental Results of the ORC Engine Developed for the Borj Cedria Solar Plant

by M. Gaia; G. Angelino; E. Macchi; D. De Heering; J. P. Fabry

Technical Report, Not dated.


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Department of Energetics/ CNPM, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy. Belgonucleaire, Bruxelles, Belgium


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The paper describes a solar plant utilizing flat plate collectors, erected at Borj Cedria, near Tunis, under a Contract of the Commission of the European Communities. The plant is capable of providing 80 kWh/day under the nominal daily insolation. The conversion from thermal to mechanical
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power is performed by an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORCJ engine, using perchloroethylene as working fluid. The engine is fed by hot water, heated by the solar collectors and cooled by well water. Detailed experimental results on the engine are given, which demonstrate that a satisfactory overall efficiency (70% of the efficiency of the corresponding ideal Rankine Cycle, including all mechanical and electrical losses) was obtained.
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