Performance Issues in Solar Thermal Energy Transport Systems

by P. Zimmerman

Technical Report, Not dated.


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Pacific Northwest Laboratory. Richland, Washington


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Pacific Northwest Laboratory is performing an assessment of solar thermal electricity generating concepts. Thermal transport systems for central receiver and troughs are analyzed as part of the assessment. We found that central receiver transport performance improved with increasing field
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size up to about 100,000 square meters beyond which performance is essentially constant. The estimated trough transport performance is nearly constant for optimized systems and shows so111P. decrease for un-optimized designs. The estimated performance of troughs is significantly greater than the actual performance of experimental installations. Issues affecting thermal performance are explored. It was found that choice of expansion compensation is not very important for central receivers except for sodium cooled central receivers. Trough transport performance was found. to be sensitive to type of expansion compensation and also sensitive to the number of trough modules in series. Field layout was found to be of minor importance. Overnight cooldown accounted for about half of the thermal losses of thermal transport systems."
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