Improved Operational Performance of the Shenandoah Solar Total Energy Project

by R.F Nelson; A.A. Heckes

Technical Report


CSP Unique ID 3045


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Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM; Georgia Power Company, Shenandoah, GA


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This paper presents the results of selected design modifications to the Shenandoah Solar Total Energy Project (STEP) at Shenandoah, Georgia. The manpower required to operate the p1ant was significantly reduced, the loss rate of heat transfer fluid was slowed, and the system reliability
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improved so that the plant currently performs as originally intended. The items that brought about the improved operation include a new control system, a steam superheater, a larger boiler tube sheet, and a pressurized expansion tank for the heat transfer fluid. The aluminized film on five solar collectors was replaced with silvered film to improve the reflectivity and to field test its survivability.
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