Thermocouple Lead Through for a Pressure Vessel

by N Schucki

Technical Report, May 1997


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May 1997


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One way to reduce environmental pollution is to make electricity powered by sun. The Energy Research Centre at the Australian National University has developed a solar-dish. The solar-dish focuses solar-beams onto one point. It gets very hot at this point. An idea is to store this energy
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to use it at another time, for example at night. This is possible by splitting ammonia under high pressure and high temperature. The synthesis reactor is one part of the ammonia system, where the reaction goes in the other direction under emission of heat-energy. We are dealing with a specific experimental prototype of synthesis reactor. Around the reactor are 10 electrical heaters. With them are to simulate different temperatures in the reactor. The synthesis reactor is in a pressure vessel. It is possible to run the experiment by different temperatures and pressures. At least it is to find out by which combination of temperature and pressure the reactor does work at most efficiently.
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