North to the Night: A Spiritual Odyssey in the Arctic

by Alvah Simon

Paperback, 1999

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Broadway Books (1999), Edition: Reprint, 328 pages


An account of one couple's journey around the Arctic Circle by sailboat, a trip that becomes a nightmare as the wife must leave her husband to face the long Arctic night alone.

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LibraryThing member St.CroixSue
Alvah Simon fulfills a dream to sail an ice worthy vessel to the farthest reaches in the arctic to overwinter. It is a fascinating survival story, although there are times one wonders about his decision to pursure a dream that even the most experienced arctic explorers considered foolhardy. Trapped in polar ice for over nine months in a very small sailing vessel, was most likely a first. He experienced an especially tense time during the long months of absoultely no daylight when he was concurrently going blind and suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. He wife is with him for part of the experience and he has the company of a rambunctious cat the entire time as his stalwart companion. An interesting and compelling survival/adventure experience interspersed with arctic history and Inuit lore.… (more)
LibraryThing member Jacobflaws
Excellent tale of personal growth and the seeking of what is really important in life. Couldn't put it down.
LibraryThing member RajivC
I have seen that some reviewers thought of Alvah Simon is a narcissist, and maybe his is.

Having said that, going into the Arctic, and spending the winter there is quite an achievement. I would like to bow three times to him, in the Japanese / Korean fashion. Respect, Respect, Respect

Respect for the lucid manner in which he writes. Without this, the book would have been one long drone. He does not make himself seem to be a hero. He does recognise his own urge to conquer new spaces.

Respect for his views on the environment. We need more people like him. Also, for the fact that he lives life on his terms.

Respect for the courage to make this trip to the Arctic, something many of us just dream of doing.
… (more)




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