by Judy Blume

Hardcover, 1980

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Dutton Juvenile (1980), Edition: 1st, 176 pages


Peter describes the highs and lows of life with his younger brother Fudge.

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LibraryThing member KayleighAdamsRossi
This book is a continuation of Judy Bloom's "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing". Just when Peter got used to having one sibling , surprise! Mom is pregnant again, and the whole family is moving to Princeton for the year. We follow Peter, Fudge, new sister Tootsie and the rest of the family through
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their new life in New Jersey. This book is good to read in class because a lot of kids can relate to Peter and his life. Judy Blume has a remarkable way of telling stories from a child's point of view in a very humorous way. There are a lot of good conversation starters here. Such as how to deal with new siblings, how to deal with moving to a new school. My favorite is the lesson that running away from your problems doesn't help
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LibraryThing member alyssabuzbee
I have loved this book for a very long time. Peter Hatcher is a normal kid who has a high-strung little brother named Fudge. Peter and Fudge have just learned that their mother is going to have a baby girl and also that they are moving. Fudge's antics had me laughing out loud. I think kids will
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identify with Peter, especially those who are older siblings.
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LibraryThing member kalonzo
Super Fudge is a chapter book. This story is about a family that moves away to Princeton because the dad decides to take a year off of work and write a book. During this year the mom has a baby, the youngest brother starts kindergarten and the oldest starts 6th grade at a new school. The brothers
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have many adventures, some together, some embarrassing but most are funny. In the end they move back to their home town, the dad goes back to work, the mom starts college and the boys go back to their original school.

I read this book to my 8 yr. old son every night. We loved this book and laughed until we cried. I really enjoyed reading this to him every night; I think he enjoyed it as much as I did. We thought this book was so funny and we couldn’t wait to start reading it each night.

I think this story would be appropriate to read a chapter at the end of each school day while the children are getting their things together to go home. It is interesting enough to grasp their attention but also relax before the bus ride home.
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LibraryThing member jinnypx2014
This book is very hilarious because Actually Peter hates his own brother and sister
Tootsie and Fudge
LibraryThing member hiland
If you like comdy this is the book for you.Gregory
LibraryThing member smrenfroe
Superfudge is all about life changes that happen to a family and how that family copes with them. This book is also about testing friendships when one friend moves away from the other. This book displays the courage it takes to conquer all of lifes challenges at such an early age.
LibraryThing member dgadkins88
Super Fudge by Judy Blume is about a boy named Peter and his annoying little brother Fudge. When they move to New Jersey, Fudge starts annoying Peter more. Just when you think Peter had it his mom is having a baby. It's hilarious and you can always get a good laugh out of reading it!
LibraryThing member supertomato
Superfudge is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peter Hatcher moves from New York. Leaving Jimmy and Sheila.When they get their both of them meet people and get friends. They celebrate Halloween and Christmas their. Fudge gets a new bicycle and gets in trouble.
LibraryThing member mlsweatman
In Judy Blume's Superfude her main character from "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" discovers that his mother is pregnant again and will have another baby. Afther this his mother decides she wants to go take art classes in New York and Peter, Fudge (annoying little brother), and his parents move.
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Peter can not stand Tootsie and would rather be hanging out with his little brother Fudge. Throughout this story Peter is torn between moving back to New Jersey or New York.
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LibraryThing member clshelkoff
This book is about Peter and his crazy out of control brother Fudge. Peter becomes upset when his parents inform him that he will be moving for a year. Peter is worried that he will not make friends and his old friends will not remember him when he returns. Peter then finds out that his mother is
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pregnant again! Peter has many changes in his future and read this book to find them out!
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LibraryThing member rheasly
In Judy Blume's sequel to "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" Fudge is back with a vengeance and Blume's depiction of sibling relationships is just as honest as ever. Now both Peter and Fudge are big brothers to "Tootsie", and their dynamic is shifted to adapt to their little sister. To mix things up
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further, the family moves from New York City to Princeton, NJ where Peter meets his first girl crush and must adjust to life in a new town. This story of change and adaptation is told without fear by Judy Blume. Her style is refreshing in that she will approach issues of change, adaptation, and growing up with a sense of honesty that helps readers feel okay about the many conflicting feelings they may have towards their families and their homes. Ages 8 and up.
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LibraryThing member AwesomeHannah
This is a book about a boy named Peter, and in this book he has to deal with his mess making little brother, his brand new little sister, and the hard times of moving. First, Peter figures out that he is gonna have a new sister and now his problems are happening all over again. Then Peter finds out
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that he is moving to New Jersey and he has to leave all of his great friends and memories behind. Even worse than these problems he has to deal with his little problem causing brother. Peter has to adapt to all these new changes and figure out how to deal with all of his problems.
I thought this was a very fun and funny book. I loved reading and I thought it was very interesting. In my opinion this book was very good and it is a great story. I think the character that were put into this book were very good. I have liked this book since I was little and I still think it is a great book now.
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LibraryThing member lpeal
This is the story about a boy named PeterHatcher. He has a little brother named Fudge who is always gettting into trouble. Peter feels like noone ever pays attention to him. Then one day his mother says that they are having a baby and have to move to Princton for a year. The book tells how Peter
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makes it through all of his trials and turns out fine. This is a very funny book that kept me laughin through all of Fudges activites!! This could be a great book for kids to read when they think no one cares!
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LibraryThing member crown10
Fudge, Peter Hatcher's brother, is back. But this time, he has a companion. Peter's mom is having a baby. And the family is moving to Princeton.
LibraryThing member mmontague
This book was about a kid named Peter. He has a little brother and a new baby sister. It is funny at the times that his brother Fudge acts up. It is a great book and i definaty recommend it for a fun read.
LibraryThing member Tylerballer5
I gave this book 5 stars because it talks all about fudge and fudge is very very very funny.Hes is my favorite character.And agin i would really really recommend this book to any one whoes likes historical fiction.
LibraryThing member snapplechick
Fudge is back! Peter is having a hard time dealing with just one Fudge, but when his parents tell him they're going to have another baby all Peter can think is OH NO,NOT ANOTHER FUDGE! There are so many changes that come to Peter, and he has a tough time dealing with them all.
This book was really
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funny. I've had it on my booshelf for years but just picked it up on a whim and I found myself surprisingly intrigued by this cute little four-yeasr old and his older brother. I can't wait to read more Fudge.
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LibraryThing member OpheliasNightmare
My favorite kid fiction book. It's everything it needs to be. I've been rereading it for 20 years.
LibraryThing member tripleblessings
First published in 1980, a sequel to Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great: stories about Peter Hatcher and his troublesome younger brother Fudge. In this book, Peter's parents are moving to New Jersey for whole year, and Peter's mother is going to have a new baby.
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How will Peter survive if the new baby becomes a carbon copy of Fudge, who at 4 is as crazy as ever? Good fun, and appealing for children in grades 2 to 5, especially if they have younger siblings.
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LibraryThing member mollybeaver
This is one of Judy Blume's "fudge" series books.
This realistic fiction novel depicts the adventures and woes of the Hatchers. Peter and Fudge get a new baby sister. The family moves houses and cities. The book depicts the first year of the third child, Tootsie, and her affect on the Hatchers.
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Judy Blume is a talented and well-known author who gets her young audience; young readers love her novels.
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LibraryThing member csteve13
Summary: Peter's parents shock him with the news that they are going to have another baby. Peter is so angry at first because of how his little brother, Fudge, turned out. He keeps saying "you're having ANOTHER Fudge?" Not only are they having another baby but they are also moving to New Jersey so
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Peter's dad can pursue his writing career. Luckily, once Tootsie, the new baby, is born she proves to be not as bad as Fudge and Peter actually likes her. Fudge, however, is jealous that Tootsie is getting all the attention at first. He does things to Tootsie because of this. The families year in New Jersey is almost over and the Peter and a friend go on a picnic. Fudge wants to go but Peter won't let him so Fudge and his friend come up with their own plan. They ride bikes down the highway to a bakery without telling anyone. This makes everyone very upset with Fudge and even Peter is concerned about finding his little brother. Finally, Tootsie speaks her first works "Nu York."

Argument: This book was another great one by Blume! I think the message from Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing are still there, about an older sibling and little sibling conflict. Having your parents tell you they are having a baby is something that many children of this age have to deal with and the fear of that sibling being the same as the sibling they already have just adds to that stress. Moving is another thing that many children have to deal with. I think this book could definitely be security for those children, reminding them that lots of people go through having a new sibling and moving to a new place and that it does get easier. In addition to that, this book is very entertaining because of the actions Fudge does. Fudge continues to get himself in trouble providing humor throughout the whole book.
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LibraryThing member Josselyngorman
This is a book that is great for 3-5 graders. It is a series book. The theme is the life of a young boy that is in fifth grade dealing with his younger siblings and moving to a new city. This book shows great family unity and is very funny and light-hearted. It is written in a narrative form and is
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fairly easy to read. The vocabulary used is everyday vocabulary and there are no complicated words that children of the same age couldn't relate to. This can be a great mentor text to introduce students to write about experiences in their own lives because it is relatable and not too intimidating of a style.
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LibraryThing member dms02
Read this aloud to my so-close-to-being-seven year old. There were many parts she laughed out loud about. The underlying message about family was nice. I was glad to have read it to her so I could edit some of the name calling etc. There is a chapter where Santa is discussed as being real or not -
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we skipped it with what seems like little disturbance to the overall story. There is some very mild middle school attraction in the was very mild but my daughter still said "ewwww gross".

We may have read this a little too early. My daughter most identified with the middle boy who is in Kindergarten.
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LibraryThing member bkling1
I love Judy Blume’s “Fudge Series” so reading Superfudge was very enjoyable for me. The book has relatable characters for readers as well as a relatable plot. In Superfudge Peter learns that the family is going to be having another baby and he goes insane. “’How could you?’ I shouted.
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‘How could you? Isn’t one enough?’” He is convinced that they will have another baby like his younger brother Fudge who is a nightmare and out of control. He says, “Another Fudge! Just what this family needs.” This is very relatable to any child who is expecting another sibling in the family and may be going through a similar problem as Peter. The style Judy Blume writes this book is very humorous which makes it very engaging for readers. As seen in the dialogue above it is funny how a fifth grader reacts to a situation like this. The main message of the story is that even though you may be going through a different and rough time in your life, everything will end up being okay and sometimes turn out to be better than predicted.
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LibraryThing member stephanie.dicesare.7
I love this book! When I was younger, I was in love with the series, and I still am! The books are cute and funny, and I like how the book is centered around family instead of just friends. Family is very important.


Nebraska Golden Sower Award (Nominee — 1983)
Texas Bluebonnet Award (Nominee — 1982)
Soaring Eagle Book Award (Nominee — 1989)
Young Hoosier Book Award (Nominee — 1983)
Georgia Children's Book Award (Winner — Grades 4-8 — 1983)
Great Stone Face Book Award (Winner — 1988)
Utah Beehive Book Award (Nominee — Children's Fiction — 1982)
Buckeye Children's & Teen Book Award (Nominee — Grades 4-8 — 1982)
Sunshine State Young Reader's Award (Winner — Grades 4-8 — 1985)
Nēnē Award (Nominee — 1982)
Grand Canyon Reader Award (Winner — 1983)
Iowa Children's Choice Award (Nominee — 1983)
Land Of Enchantment Book Award (Winner — Children's — 1984)
Virginia Readers' Choice (Winner — Elementary — 1986)
WAYRBA: Western Australia Young Readers Book Award (Winner — Younger Readers — 1982)
Flicker Tale Award (Nominee — Juvenile Books — 1982, 1987?)
Volunteer State Book Award (Nominee — Intermediate — 1982)




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