Time Stops for No Mouse: A Hermux Tantamoq Adventure

by Michael Hoeye

Hardcover, 2002

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Putnam Juvenile (2002), Edition: First Edition, 256 pages


When Linka Perflinger, a jaunty mouse, brings a watch into his shop to be repaired and then disappears, Hermux Tantamoq is caught up in a world of dangerous search for eternal youth as he tries to find out what happened to her.

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LibraryThing member Fleur-De-Lis
An exquisite little book. In which everyone is a mouse, or well similiar.

Hermux Tantamoq is a watch maker/repairer, living quite happily (if not sleepily) with his pet ladybug and love of cheese. Until one day he when he becomes awed with a beautiful yet mysterious mouse. Who comes into his clock
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But this beautiful youngish mouse ends up in danger. Hermux, with the help of his friend, a Chipmunk, sets out in order to save her.

An interesting story with many good twists and turns, which is a bit scary. But very good.
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LibraryThing member whitreidtan
A middle grades book that is rated "Not Too Scary," I bought this book in hopes that it would intrigue any one of my children. Somehow it managed to stay on the shelf so I thought I'd take it down, read it, and see if I could recommend it to them. I am pleased to say that this was indeed a cute
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book that is liable to appeal to all of the residents under five feet here.

Hermux Tantamoq is a mouse who works in a watch and clock shop. He takes great pride in his work and so is a little put off when daredevil aviatrix Linka Perflinger leaves her watch to be repaired, admonishing Hermux that it must keep perfect time, and them fails to return to pick it up. He knows something is wrong when a less than savory rat asks for Linka's watch and so this mild-mannered mouse decides to follow the rat and see where he goes. This plunges him into a kidnapping mystery with a biological bent. The characters surrounding Hermux are eccentric and fun. The evil villains are ruthless and sneaky. The plot zips along at a good clip with revelations, both expected and unexpected, coming fast and furious. Hoeye leaves a trail of clues for an astute reader to solve the mystery but I must admit I'm not that reader, even when the book is written for children less than half my age. But even though I didn't figure out the entirety of the whodunit, I thoroughly enjoyed this adventurous and delightful novel. It reminded me of nothing so much as the wonderful, from-my-childhood movie The Rescuers in tone and flavor. The first in a series, I hope to convince the kiddos to read it while I move along to the second.
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LibraryThing member Shanon.sval5976
This book is about Hermux Tantamoq. He is an average, hard working mouse. He owns a watch shop. Hermux has an average life for every other mouse. He has a ladybug named Terfle. Hermux would never expect anything strange or different to happen. He falls in love with Linka Perflinger.
Linka went to
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Hermux's watch shop so he would repair her watch. His life has changed once he has met Linka. Some rat tries to claim her watch as his own. Hermux believes that something has gone wrong. He finds out that Linka has been kidnapped. He tries to find clues as to where Linka could me. Hermux goes on an adventure searching for Linka.
I gave this book five stars because it was an amazing book. It was a hair-raising book with a huge mystery. The "least expected" happened in this story. My favorite part was when Linka Perflinger came into Hermux's watch shop. It included a giant adventure but with some romance. This book is definitely five stars. I would recommend this book to other readers.
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LibraryThing member paakre
Hermux is a very charming mouse. He can fix very complicated very broken time pieces. He lives simply with his pet ladybug. And he is on the side of the angels every single time.
LibraryThing member Rosenstern
I think this was the first fantasy book I ever read. My elementary school teacher read it aloud to my class and I fell in love. A children's novel about a watch maker mouse. He receives a watch to fix from a mysterious female mouse and then he's pulled into a world of crime (not that much, it's a
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children's book).
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LibraryThing member lkmuir
When Linka Perflinger, a jaunty mouse, brings a watch into his shop to be repaired and then disappears, Hermux Tantamoq is caught up in a world of dangerous search for eternal youth as he tries to find out what happened to her.
LibraryThing member Salsabrarian
Narrated by Campbell Scott. Hermux Tantamoq is a mild-mannered mouse who owns a watchmaking shop. One day the adventurous aviatrix Linka Perflinger drops off her watch for repair. Hermux is taken with Linka and is concerned when she doesn't return for her watch. He's alarmed when a scruffy rat
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comes in to try and claim it without a ticket. Hermux tails the rat and witnesses Linka being led away from her home in a car. Hermux's pursuit leads him deep into a mystery concerning a formula for eternal youth and a rejuvenation spa and lab called "The Last Resort," headed by the dark and mysterious Dr. Mennus.
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LibraryThing member ChazziFrazz
Hermux Tantamoq is an average watchmaker living an average life until the adventurous aviatrix Linka Perflinger comes into his shop to get her watch repaired. Then life becomes and exciting adventure!

Thought the character and place names are strange and sometimes you have to slow down to figure out
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the pronunciation, the action and suspense is non-stop. There is enough description to form an image in your mind of the characters, locations and actions and still keep you wanting to read more.

I took my time and thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. I didn't feel there were any parts that dragged on and all seemed to fit together quite well. The rating for this book is "not too scary", and I agree but it does have exciting bits. It is classed as grades 6 - 8 reading level, but it could also be a good read-aloud too, done in chapter increments.

I recommend it for kids and adults.
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LibraryThing member raizel
Our hero, an utterly decent, quiet mouse, lives in a world of talking animals who all, for the most part, get along. He has a pet ladybug. There is a very bossy, officious, pretentious female who destroys the lovely old lobby of her apartment building in order to replace it with an extremely ugly
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modern art installation; she is the head of a cosmetic company. She tells Hermux that he has no sense of beauty. In contrast, Hermux has an artistic friend who disagrees and encourages him to write in a notebook every night. What he finally writes---we see his preliminary attempts---is a list of what he is thankful for for that day; we see a few of his entries.

The chapters are surprisingly short; each one has a simple object directly below the chapter title.
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LibraryThing member lightkensei
This was one of my favorite books when I was a little too old for Redwall but still young enough to be mostly reading talking animal stories. One time I got rightly called out in writing club because one of my stories was basically a rip-off of the plot and style of this book.
LibraryThing member kslade
Quite a fun book to read about a mouse and his adventures.


Audie Award (Finalist — 2003)
Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award (Nominee — Grades 6-8 — 2004)
Sasquatch Book Award (Nominee — 2004)
Indies Choice Book Award (Honor Book — 2002)




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