The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration

by Francis Ford Coppola (Director)

Other authorsMario Puzo (Writer), Marlon Brando (Actor), Al Pacino (Actor), Robert Duvall (Actor), Diane Keaton (Actor), James Caan (Actor)
DVD, 2014

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Paramount (2008), Edition: Special Edition


The Corleone Family nearly falls from power in America but rises to observe the passage of rites from father to son. There is a balance between family life and the ugly business of crime in which they are engaged.

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LibraryThing member comfypants
The son of a gangster gets involved in "the family business" when his father is shot.

Normally it wouldn't be possible for a gangster movie to be a favorite of mine, regardless of how exceptional the quality (and the quality here is crazy exceptional), but I'm making an exception. Sometime circa
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2007, I re-watched this movie (I'd also seen it as a teenager, when I was too young to appreciate it). I don't remember why I watched it, since gangsters whacking each other is not my kind of thing, but I did, and movies haven't been the same for me since. This is the one that showed me what film as a medium is capable of, what I'd been missing by sticking mostly to Fun Movies. This is the one where I first realized how visceral a reaction to great movie making can be. And so I sought out more, eventually started in on IMDb's Top 250, watched so many movies I needed a blog to keep track of them, and here we are.

Concept: B
Story: B
Characters: A
Dialog: A
Pacing: A
Cinematography: B
Special effects/design: A
Acting: A
Music: A

Enjoyment: A plus

GPA: 3.8/4
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LibraryThing member Lucky-Loki
An incredible movie, and all the more incredible for how it holds up even after the decades of its own influence turning virtually every scene into a trope -- something other groundbreaking films often suffer from. With very few exceptions, the exposition in particular is done beautifully and
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believably, the scenes where you learn who these people are usually even more engrossing than the scenes devoted to advancing the plot. My only slight complaint is that the middle of the film is not as captivating as the first half, and it takes it a bit too long to regain the momentum. But it sticks the landing as well as any movie ever has.
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Academy Award (Nominee — Best Adapted Screenplay — 1972)
Golden Globe Award (Winner — Best Motion Picture - Drama — 1972)


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