Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #3: Soul Eater

by Michelle Paver

Hardcover, 2007

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HarperCollins (2007), Edition: 1St Edition, 336 pages


When Wolf is taken by the Soul-Eaters, Torak must infiltrate their clan to bring him back.

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LibraryThing member abbylibrarian
Yes, the third book in the Ancient Darkness Chronicles is out and I have read it! Weee! I do love this series (and I'm not really much of a series person). Torak is a thirteen year old boy who hunts in the forest along with his best friend Renn, a Raven clan girl, and his pack-brother Wolf (who is,
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well, a wolf). Torak and Wolf share a special bond. Torak can speak and understand wolf language and they have been together since Wolf was a cub.

In this installment, Wolf is kidnapped by a band of Soul-Eaters and Torak and Renn must follow them to the Great North to save him. They meet some people of the White Fox clan and learn a little about how to survive in the icy North, but will it be enough? And when they find Wolf, will they have what it takes to get him back and to foil the Soul-Eaters' plan to take over the world??

Just as action-packed as the first two books, this third book is a solid addition to the series. I quite enjoyed it.
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LibraryThing member bookmaven-msk
Series is still going strong, Torak is getting to be a more two-dimensional character.
LibraryThing member Gnork
love this series of books. but hate that they only comes out ones a year. you want to read all the books right away.
LibraryThing member AaronKAwsome
This book is about a boy called Torak and a girl named Renn. This time they are hunting in the north when Wolf get captured. Torak and Renn travel into the far north. While in the far north they get lost and found by a white fox man named Inuktiluk. He takes them to his camp where they get
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supplies. They travel then by boat to the Eye of the Viper. When there they get inside the cave where they find Wolf. They find out that he was taken by the soul eaters. They destroy one of the soul eaters and the other get away, but they get Wolf back and make it to the forest safely.
So far I like this book the best of the three I have read. I like this book the best because there was a lot more action. There were much more soul eaters. You learn more about Toraks history and more about the soul eaters. I really like haw he has gone from the forest, to some islands, and now to the far north. There are always more people in the books. I think so far the Soul Eater book is the best.
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LibraryThing member spud2000
My overall favourite of the series. This book set in the Artic, you see all of the remaining Soul Eaters from book 2. Torak and Renn follow three Soul Eaters into the frozen north. But their adventure soon goes pear shaped when Renn finds she is frightened of the ice rivers, due to personal reasons.




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