Page (Protector of the Small Quartet, Book 2)

by Tamora Pierce

Paperback, 2001

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Laurel Leaf (2001), 268 pages


Keladry of Mindelan continues her training to become a squire with the aid of a new maid, the support of her friends, interference from some other pages, and some serious, even dangerous opposition.

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LibraryThing member nmhale
I had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading Tamora Pierce until I picked up the Protector of the Small series and decided to finish reading it. It's been, oh, six or seven years since I completed the Wild Magic and Circle of Magic series. I remember that I devoured those books (book candy!), but
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when I got to this series, I read the first title of the quartet and then put it down and haven't touched it since.

What was I thinking? This series is wonderful. Perhaps what put me off was the lack of a magical main character. Kel, the heroine of these novels, is a young girl who wants to become a knight in the kingdom of Tortall. But she doesn't have any secret magical gift to aid her; her journey is accomplished through grit and determination, overcoming the huge obstacles with sheer will power and courage. I can see that at one time, when I was younger, I would have been disappointed by the magic-less story, but now I find Kel to be perhaps even more compelling than those earlier heroines.

In this second book of the quartet, Kel has already survived her initial testing year, and is proceeding through the remaining three years of being a page (precursor to being a squire, which is precursor to being a knight). As long as she completes the big exams at the end of year four, all is well. Of course, there are many who still don't want her to succeed. The previous book covered one year, this one covers three, in about the same number of pages. However, Pierce does a nice job of not rushing the tempo too much. She hits the high notes, the exciting events that occur in the lives of the students, and summarizes the rest. My only issue was that we did not get to read any real details about the big exams. I understand that the climax of the story had already taken place, so it would have lacked dramatic tension, and yet ... we spent so much time building up to them, it was a shame to just have them referred to and not really written out.

The world of Tortall continues to be unique and engaging, but what makes this book really shine are the characters. I admit it, I'm a sucker for girl power stories. Kel is brave, determined, and stubborn. She's as tall as the boys (taller than some), broad shouldered, and strong. Kudos to Tamora Pierce for not feeling like she had to make Kel beautiful, as well. Her looks are just average, but her personality is fantastic. She does have her feminine side, as well: she is more nurturing than her male classmates, and she starts to have a very girl-like crush on one of them.

Neal, the lanky and sarcastic page that is older than all the others, is a nice counterpoint to Keladry. He was her sponsor the first year, and he is as unlikely a candidate for knighthood as Kel is a match. The addition of feisty Owen, and his adoration of Kel, brings another fun character to the mix. Lalasa, Kel's meek maid, brings us another girl who must learn to protect herself. We even get to see Joren again, the character we love to hate.

Now that I've started the series, I'm eager to finish the rest of the quartet. The next book covers all her years of being a squire, and then we finally get to see Kel accomplish her hard work of becoming a knight in the final novel. I'm almost as excited as Kel is to see the realization of her dream.
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LibraryThing member JenJ.
Previously read, listened to CD edition currently. Possibly my favorite series of Tamora Pierce titles, I really connect to Kel's sense of justice and her frustration with the unfair world. Secondary characters are all full of depth and Pierce's details of Tortall just get better the more she
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writes. The narrator was excellent as well with plenty of emotion in her reading without getting in the way of the story. I just loved listening to this.
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LibraryThing member melissarecords
Kel has proven that she can keep up with the boys in her training to become a knight. This second year she experiences her first combat and works on overcoming her fears.
LibraryThing member dagwood
My 16-year-old daughter asked me to read this book and I'm glad I did. Tamora really knows how to capture teenage girls personal attributes and make a believable character.
LibraryThing member chblondie97
I really like this book it is very suspenseful!!! I really like the author's type of writing!
LibraryThing member knielsen83
I loved this book. It's the second in the series by Tamora Pierce. I've been reading all her series that revolve around the world of Tortall (sp?) and I just love her main female characters. In this book, Kel is finally turning into a young lady, despite all of her training. She is starting to get
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treated a bit differently by the other pages and I can feel some starting feelings of romance. I just love these series that Tamora Pierce writes.
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LibraryThing member bluesalamanders
Page covers Kel's second, third, and forth years as a page. She passed her first year's probationary period and has gained acceptance from many people, but she still must fight prejudice from some quarters, including several teachers, a gaggle of fellow students, and conservative nobles who oppose
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any change in the status quo.

This book has its ups and downs. The dialogue occasionally knocks me out of suspension of disbelief by being sounding too modern and there are long stretches of time that are glossed over or simply absent because the book covers three years and occasionally this is jarring. However, overall I enjoy the book.
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LibraryThing member Nikkles
A great book in the Protector of the Small series. I would highly recommend.
LibraryThing member NickF.
In this 2nd book of Protecter of the Small series, Kel is off probation. While being off probation Lord Wyldon still pushes her harder than another other boy. Her secret helper gives her a new sword, balm, dagger, and even some saddlebag and saddle. As she keeps progressing in tilting Lord Wyldon
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makes it harder and harder for her with new objects. Kel's small flock of sparrows double in size and intellegince. Then one day training she finds a new dog. When traveled to the south Kel and her hunting group stumbles across a bandit camp. How will she deal with it?

My own opinion is that's it a great book. I like how Kel helps the younger pages with Joren and his cronies. What I don't like about this though is that Lord Wyldon still pushes Kel harder than the boys. Lord Wyldon is quite mean in my opinion still pushing Kel to make her fear of heights go completely away. I love how Pierce leaves you hanging at the end of this book. Overall I believe this book is great. If you like reading from a gierl's point of veiw read it but remember you must like medieval times. Overall I rate this a 5/5.
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LibraryThing member thelorelei
In "Page," readers follow Keladry of Mindelan in her second year of training for the knighthood. Allowed to continue after her year of probation, Keladry is by no means beyond all of her troubles. Her foes are simply becoming cleverer and more subtle in their attempts to remove her from training.
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In addition, her training master is actively forcing her to work on her fear of heights, and she's coming into adolescence, with all of the annoyances that entails.
Kel's adventures and trials are great fun to follow, and I yet again recommend this series to young readers.
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LibraryThing member wagner.sarah35
A page at last, Kel continues her journey to become a knight, despite the lingering doubts about her ability as a girl to complete the training. With the help of friends, Kel faces down her challengers and learns to test her courage on new levels. A fun read, and I look forward to continuing the
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LibraryThing member Potentate
This book was great for me when I was twelve. Now, at seventeen and after many, many readings, it has become boring. There isn't a lot of conflict. Much of the pleasure I derived from the story was its novelty, its uniqueness. Such pleasures have necessarily decreased with consumate rereadings.
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Once you know the story, it's nothing new and nothing to get excited about.

'Page' is a fine book, but nothing extraordinary.
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LibraryThing member LisaMaria_C
The first book, First Test dealt with Keladry in her probationary year in knight training. This second book deals with her three years as a page--and with her growing up with all the changes that come with puberty. And she still has to deal with resistance as the first openly female
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knight-in-training in a century. But she not only defends herself, but others as well. (Thus, earning that title "Protector of the Small") I was skeptical of this series coming to it from Pierce's first books, The Lioness Quartet with its lady knight, Alanna, who had to disguise herself as a boy to undergo this training. What? This again? And unlike those books, there's little magic here. Keladry's qualities are quieter and a lot less flashy. But in the end she's probably my favorite Pierce character, and that puts her in very good company and this installment is even better than the first.
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LibraryThing member Crowyhead
In this installment of the Protector of the Small quartet, Kel has survived her probationary year as the first female page in Tortall (other than Alanna, who was disguised as a boy). She has, in some measure, won the respect of Lord Wyldon and her fellow pages, but she still has enemies among the
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pages who are more conservative (and more bullying) in their outlook. Meanwhile, Kel has to deal with (horrors!) the onset of puberty and all the embarassments involved.

At times this installment felt rushed, as Pierce tries to fit three years of pageship into one novel. But it's a good one nontheless.
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LibraryThing member jjmcgaffey
Here, Keladry begins to flower. And I don't mean physically, though that happens too, much to her disgust...part of that is for the hormonal effects that have her noticing men. Kel does develop a crush, though she keeps it silent, and is crushed upon by several of her fellow pages; still, it never
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becomes the point of the story (thank goodness). Lord Wyldon actually acknowledges her abilities, as she displays them both in training and in real tests. She also makes a lot more friends, of various sorts - from her maid Lalasa to various first-year pages. This book covers the remaining three years of her pagehood, so it's not as detailed as First Test, but it contains a lot of good scenes. Facing down Joren and his friends, with all the pages united behind Kel, is one of my favorites; another that stays with me is the whole final sequence with Lalasa and the examinations. And the various gifts, culminating in Peachblossom - we know who's giving them, of course, but Kel is truly bewildered. It's amusing. There's also a little more development of other characters, and a few changes for Kel - not many, her determination keeps her in a pretty straight line. Like this one even better than First Test.
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LibraryThing member wickedshizuku
So many good morals are written so firmly that I have made a point to recommend to young women that I meet. Kel is such a strong and determined girl. Who couldn't admire a character like this?
LibraryThing member NinjaTat
This series is really fun to read but contains material that is not appropriate for young readers.
LibraryThing member devafagan
I'm continuing to enjoy Kel's adventures! Satisfying fantasy comfort reading with a spunky likable heroine, school setting, underdog victories, and adventure. I am strongly tempted to run out and buy the next two and just read them all at once.
LibraryThing member wealhtheowwylfing
Kel continues training to be a knight. She faces sexism from her fellow nobles and danger from the kingdom's enemies.

Kel goes through puberty (at 12, which seems early for her time period) and immediately starts being interesting to boys--and gets interested right back. I wish we'd gotten more of
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her training, which is the most interesting part of these books to me. I also wish Kel was a little less perfect.
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LibraryThing member LibraryCin
3.75 stars

This is the 2nd book in the series. Kel has completed her first year to learn to become a knight. She is the only girl, and was bullied and picked on in her first year. Now in her second year, she hires a shy, scared girl (by request of the girl’s uncle) to be a servant to her while she
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continues to train, along with her friends, and some of her tormentors are still around.

I really enjoyed this. I liked Kel and I liked her friends. I also liked her new servant Lalasa. This one went pretty fast, as it sped through all the remaining years of Kel’s training, so it might have been nice to get more detail as we went along, but I guess being a YA book, it was sped up a bit. It’s certainly a great series for young girls, with Kel being such a strong role model, herself. But, of course, I’m enjoying it, too!
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LibraryThing member treehorse
"Eh. S'OK. See 'First Test.' Height test was cool. The hunt, however, felt stiff."
LibraryThing member Linyarai
Just as good as the first book, the pace was never slow and the characters are all fantastic.
LibraryThing member GlenRH
Kel's adventures continue and if you are looking for a book about growing up and dealing with making the choices that attend that this is the book for you. If you enjoy adventure check.
LibraryThing member Jellyn
I was afraid I'd have to write a bad review because it was all about her boobs and her period and boys are a Thing now. Fortunately the story didn't dwell on that /too/ much. I'm a little afraid the next one might, but I'll read it anyway.
LibraryThing member wyvernfriend
It's Kel's second year and people are still fighting against the idea of her being a knight, but that's just making her more determined to do it. She's showing leadership skills and her determination to get it done is showing how hard of a nut she is to crack. It shows how she has to prove herself
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twice as good to be thought of as just as good as the boys. I just felt for her in having to work so hard at everything and the stupidity of some of the bullying, as if forcing someone down made them somehow better.
It's quite gritty and she is learning about herself and how she relates to others well and I just wanted to cheer her on all the way.
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