The Great Good Thing

by Roderick Townley

Hardcover, 2001

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Atheneum/Richard Jackson Books (2001), Edition: 1st, 216 pages


Nothing ever changes inside the storybook kingdom inhabited by twelve-year-old Princess Sylvie, her parents, and many other characters until Sylvie discovers that by allying herself with the Reader she can experience new adventures beyond the confines of the book.

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LibraryThing member missgin
This enchanting story is for any reader who has ever felt as though the characters in the book had a life of their own beyond the words on the page.
LibraryThing member BoundTogetherForGood
This is a cute story, really meant for grades 4-6. The premise of the book is that story-book characters are alive and real in the imaginations of readers. Good story line but I felt as if the author tried to rush the story a bit and left out some necessary character and plot development early in
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the book. His characters obviously are able to travel from books and the imaginations of readers into the dreams of the readers although the author doesn't clearly explain this to the reader of the book. Again, for me, the story felt familiar. A more grown-up and engrossing telling of the same sort can be found in Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.
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LibraryThing member jenzbookshelf
I really enjoyed this little gem. It has a great premise and I think there are some deep themes to think about and discuss. You remember Shakespeare's play within a play? This is about a book within a book. Sylvie is the main character. She's the princess and heroine of her story. She manages to
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outlive her book and in the end does a Great Good Thing. I'm glad I didn't miss out on this one. I'll definitely read it again.
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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
This is a story about the secret lives of the characters in a book called "The Great Good Thing", which is read over and over by a girl. When her brother destroys the book, it is up to the main character, Princess Sylvie, to enter the reader's dreams, help her tell the story to the reader's
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daughter, and finally to help her daughter rewrite the story. It is a fascinating novel filled with imagination.
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LibraryThing member verbafacio
The Great Good Thing is a delightful book about the lives of characters in stories. It's marketed as a children's book, but I wonder if the plot is too complicated for a younger reader to follow. Sylvie is a princess inside a story book who is able to leave her world to enter into her Reader's
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dreams. After spending some time in the Reader's brain, she finds her way into the mind of the Reader's daughter, Lily, where Sylvie's story can continue.
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LibraryThing member HippieLunatic
This is a fantastic tale of what a story can be to those who love it. The characters must love the story, as it is their universe... or at least the characters must appreciate that this is their world and there are rules to the success of their world.

The readers, for the magic of the story to come
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alive, must love the story as an escape from their world.

The author, for the length of the life of the book, must be ready for the story to adapt to the changes of time.

The story-book princess who would love adventure other than what has been written for her with the pages of her tale, meeting a generation of women for whom this tale is so important (as readers of the story) is a beautiful exploration of the magic that books can make.
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LibraryThing member raizel
An interesting idea: the characters in a story live their lives even when the story is not being read. Unexpected adventures happen when the story's heroine connects with a Reader.
LibraryThing member crfonten
I loved this book the first time I read it. The book is about a book within a book. This is a good book to really get students thinking and to use their imagination. It is very different from most other books. It encouraged me to read more when I first read it, as I'm sure it will do with other
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students who read it. It is very interesting!
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