Sleepless in Seattle

by Nora Ephron (Director)

DVD, 2003

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Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (2003), Edition: 10th Anniversary Edition


After hearing a man confess his love for his dearly departed wife on a call-in radio show, a woman falls deeply, inexplicably in love with him. Deciding he is her destiny, she treks across country on a wildly romantic impulse to meet him.

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LibraryThing member librisissimo
Substance: What could have been a delightful romance was marred by the fact that the leading lady is a 'ho'. Deceiving the guy you are already engaged to (and sleeping with) to look for another "true love" is shameless and despicable. I pity the guy she ended up with, and he's no prize either,
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because the relationship is founded on magic, not knowledge.
Style: Well-made and well-filmed; the score consists of really old romantic standards. A PG rating seems rather low for the tawdry characters, but there are only allusions to sex and people in bed together, so that's supposed to be OK these days.
Note: It seems odd today to watch people live without cell phones, airplane security, or DVDs.
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LibraryThing member comfypants
A woman obsesses over a man she heard on the radio.

It would be a reasonable concept for a thriller - not a romantic comedy. But it's not too awful, for a Nora Ephron movie. Unlike the other Ephron movies I've seen, this one at least has characters that are nice people.

Concept: D
Story: D
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Dialog: D
Pacing: C
Cinematography: C
Special effects/design: C
Acting: B
Music: C

Enjoyment: C minus

GPA: 1.7/4
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AFI's 10 Top 10 (Romantic Comedy — 10)


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