The Loop

by Nicholas Evans

Hardcover, 1998

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Delacorte Press (1998), Edition: 1st, 434 pages


A conflict breaks out between cattle ranchers and government agents in Montana over the killing of wolves, a protected species. On the positive side this is how Luke Calder, son of the leading rancher meets and falls in love with Helen Ross, a government biologist. By the author of The Horse Whisperer.

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LibraryThing member ogopogo
i really loved this book - and it really built well towards an end that made me cry.
LibraryThing member StoryB
The Loop, The Smoke Jumper and The Horse Whisperer were all good reads.
I do wish Nicholas Evans wrote more books.
The Loop captures nature in all its strength and vulnerability. The landscapes too are breath-taking and the human drama sits emotionally but tactfully against these elements of beauty
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and survival.
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LibraryThing member mikedraper
In Hope, Montana, wolves are making their presence known in a land where they were hunted almost to extinction.

The wolves are killing the animals of local ranchers and the ranchers, led by Buck Calder, would like to exterminate them but they are a protected species.

Helen Ross, a wolf biologist, is
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sent to Hope to tag and protect the wolves. She's given a cabin in the mountains to work out of and has a lonely existence having come from a broken relationship.

She meets Buck's son, Luke, an eighteen-year-old who also feels protective about the wolves. They form a romantic relationship.

Luke had been under his father's rules and it's a good character development to see him mature to his own person who knows what he wants.

Both sides of the conflict are well described, the ranchers who are having some of their valuable livestock killed and the preservationists who feel this is where wolves once lived and should be back in their natural habitat.
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LibraryThing member stevedore
Initially I sympathised with both the language and views of the Englishman, Parrot. I found the Frenchman, Olivier,irritating and affected. But, interestingly, as the book continued, my sympathies switched. I guess I must have become more aristocratic as I was reading? Normally I'm a political
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junkie, but this time I guess I found the two love stories more interesting than all the stuff about the political differences between France and America, and the nature of class in society.
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LibraryThing member jayne_charles
This is a masterclass in making wolf ecology sexy. It had loads more drama, loads more characters and loads more interest than the blurb on the back cover suggested, but I suspected that would be the case. Stuffed with real life interest and not-quite-perfect relationships, as well as a
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made-for-film bear sequence, it fairly whirls past while proving quite educational on the side. I mean, who knew that the best way to tell what a wolf has eaten is to put its poo through a washing machine? After all, you never know when that sort of information might come in handy.
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LibraryThing member LivelyLady
Conservationist vs. hunter is the theme of this Montana based novel. When local cattlemen find members of their herd killed by what appears to be wolves, a wolf tracker is hired to come and live in the woods and try to tag and track the wolves, to see if they are the culprits. The personalities of
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the locals conflict in living and in letting live, nature and the wolves. And one outspoken anti-wolf rancher's son, falls in love with the female wolf tracker. The author obviously did lots of research and it sounds from the descriptions of the scenery and the wildlife, that he is very familiar with that about what he wrote...even if it was listed as fiction. Very good, and I thought even better than his first book, THE HORSE WHISPERER.
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LibraryThing member dara85
I really did not think I would like this as much as I did.


Dublin Literary Award (Longlist — 2000)




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