The Smoke Jumper

by Nicholas Evans

Hardcover, 2001

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Delacorte Press (2001), Edition: First Edition, 448 pages


A woman must choose between two men, best friends, who both love her, in a story of love, loyalty, honor, and guilt set against the perilous backdrop of wilderness firefighting.

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LibraryThing member kylenapoli
I'm struggling. Decided to try this as a representative of a genre I don't usually read, so I shouldn't be shocked not to have an immediate home run on my hands. So far, descriptions of landscapes and activities stand out as well written, while the personal narratives and especially conversations
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seem painfully bad. Will try to persevere...
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LibraryThing member eduscapes
This adventure is by the same author as The Horse Whisperer and The Loop.
LibraryThing member hockeycrew
The descriptions of Montana, Africa and the act of smoke jumping helped draw the reader into the story. An accident during a fire changes the lives of the three main characters sending their lives into a tailspin and making a very complex love triangle.
LibraryThing member edwardsgt
Didn't get round to reading it before due back!
LibraryThing member sarah-p
this book stole my heart, it had so much happening in it, i just couldnt wait to turn the page and find out what happens,
this story take's you thru alot of emotions, i will say i cryed at some parts (and i dont cry easy!), this is one of the great books that will stay on my book shelf.
LibraryThing member repb
I enjoyed a lot about this book and disliked it just as much. Some interesting commentary about 'Smoke Jumping' and 'Ethnic Cleansing' but felt it went on WAY too long and had a completely wacky, unrealistic ending. Too soupy, as well, for my tastes.
LibraryThing member pricelessreads
Hot fire fighters, a love triangle, and Montana. I’ve never read a book with quite this mix before, but it worked in it’s own way. Even though some parts seemed a bit far fetched, I couldn’t stop reading. If there was a “made for TV” genre of books, this would fit right in.
LibraryThing member deep220
I would have rated the Smoke Jumper 5 of 5 expect that parts of the book still leave you feeling broken hearted. I still feel like I could cry for these fictional characters, which is good and bad.
LibraryThing member ctmsalmo
Dropped. Good story, but the writing was predictable, and dragged on.
LibraryThing member BookConcierge
Three friends are connected by one summer’s events on a Montana mountain. Ed Tully and Connor Ford are smoke jumpers who both love the same woman. Julia is a social worker who is taking a group of “at risk” teens on a several day hike in the wilderness in an effort to rehabilitate them. When
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the draught-stricken forest is hit by lightning, the smoke jumpers have to come to the rescue.

You know where this is headed, don’t you? There will be tragedy, lots of guilt, miscommunication, silent (but very meaningful) looks. People behave stupidly and take unnecessary risks … not just with their own lives but with children’s lives. And of course, true love will win out.

Just unbelievable claptrap.

Actually I was pretty interested in the beginning and wish that Evans had found a way to explore the smoke jumpers, and the at-risk kids. But that ends on page 166 and then parts two and three get progressively more soap opera ridiculous. I rolled my eyes so much I made myself dizzy.
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LibraryThing member Tabatha014
I absolutely loved this book!!! It is now one of my favorites! This story is so good and heartbreaking and I was sorry to finish it. It's one of those books you read, then start another one and it just doesn't stack up to what you just read. It stays with you long after you've finished it. Would
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definitely recommend this book!
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LibraryThing member gardener2510
good book, romance
LibraryThing member juniperSun
Mixed response. The first section was interesting, because I learned about firefighting and each of the main characters had work they were passionate about. The romantic triangle was obvious, however. The second section was more staid, full of guilt and noble responsibility. The third section,
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mainly in Africa, was stretching plausibility quite a bit as the characters go through adventure to realize what has true value in their lives, and reunite. I did briefly enjoy the interchange of Connor with the Bantu guide, as it brought back memories of Laurens Van der Post's novels of the bushmen (and which may have been the inspiration for Evans here).
Running the Rift gave a more gut-level knowledge of an intertribal genocidal war in Africa.
Nothing in the book to motivate me to give it shelf space, but I'm not sorry I read it.
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