The Campaign

by Carlos Fuentes

Hardcover, 1991

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Farrar, Straus and Giroux (1991), Edition: 1st, 384 pages


An inflamed revolutionary democrat and the son of a wealthy Argentine ranch owner, Baltasar Bustos, kidnaps the child of the Marquise de Cabra in 19th century South America.

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LibraryThing member jonfaith
Worthy to mention if only for the conversation towards the end with whisky priest describing the customs house of the soul and every thinking being should be strict and alert when admitting all ideas, not only the topical question of Faith with itse well worn vanity and corruption in tow. I
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honestly don't remember much of the rest of the novel.
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LibraryThing member colligan
I needed this book. My last few reads were a bit disappointing. Not so this book. From my experience, Carlos Fuentes is never a disappointment. It's probably hyperbole but, in my humble (at times) opinion, Fuentes is a genius. I should probably limit myself to saying he was a great writer; smart,
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creative, sensual, wise.

Although this work is powerful in itself, it also makes me realize (likely, sadly, as with many North Americans) how ill-informed I am regarding the social and political history of South America. Point taken.

So, if you have any appreciation of Latin American and/or simply great literature read this book (or anything by Carlos Fuentes).
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