The Weight of Winter

by Cathie Pelletier

Hardcover, 1991

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Viking Adult (1991), 432 pages


"Sharp stuff...Her sentences are powerful and unique as snowflakes."-New York TimesWelcome to Mattagash, Maine, a town where everyone's personal lives are as entwined as their family trees. On the day of the first snowfall, the residents brace themselves for the long winter ahead. Mere survival will be hard; dealing with each other is another story.As winter settles in, various Mattagashians careen from conundrum to conundrum, trying to save dying small businesses, caring for crabby loved ones, and cruising through town, stirring up gossip any way they can get it. Through it all, 107-year old Mathilda Fennelson reflects on her life as the town's oldest resident, born the year Mattagash was founded. Through her dreams and memories, she reveals the scrappy, strange, and earnest pioneer history of these people weighed down by their own existence. At once funny, insightful, and heartbreaking, The Weight of Winter weaves together the lives of Mattagash's residents as they struggle to survive another winter with their quirky neighbors and the endless pressure of their collective history.… (more)




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