The Innocent

by David Baldacci

Paperback, 2013

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Vision (2013), Edition: Reprint, 592 pages


Will Robie, a freelance hitman working for the government, rescues a teenage girl whose parents' disappearance may be linked to a vast, high-level cover-up.

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LibraryThing member she_climber
Probably my least favorite Baldacci, just seems like he was really reaching throughout this book and it wasn't entertaining enough to make me not want to notice.
LibraryThing member drlord
Let me preface this bu saying that I'm a HUGH David Baldacci fan. I read most of what he puts out voraciously. This book was no disappointment. Typical to a David Baldacci book, the "gotcha's" keep you tied to the book till the last page. In this book, there's a new character introduced who's a government assassin who, through several linked events meets a girl whom he ends up protecting. And as the book goes on, the "issues" escalate to an ending that you THINK you know but as with so many other Baldacci books, you don't. I can't wait for the next one.… (more)
LibraryThing member nsjlh
Will Robie be able to handle three women in his life?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I have read several of Baldacci's books before, but it has been a long time. I forget how thrilling and satisfying they can be. If you like thrill, relationships, romance, and non-stop action this book is for you.

Will Robie kills for a living. He normally works alone, but finds himself in a situation that he is not able to be alone or risk someone innocent losing their life. He becomes a juggler at this point and hopes he is doing it right.

Julie Getty is the first “woman” in his life. She is 14 and full of life. She's pretty smart for her age, not only school wise but street wise. She surprises Robie time and time again.

Agent Vance is the older woman in his life who is in the same career field and respects what he is doing. They work side by side, but develop a close relationship.

Annie Lambert is the sexy, seductress, neighbor. He finds himself caught up with her and wonders if it is okay.

I loved the characters. Will Robie was portrayed as a tough, but sensitive at the right times male. He was smart and knew how to read what was going on. While it was difficult, he did allow the woman to work with and help him in the investigation.

Julie Getty is a tough little cookie. What she went through and what she finds out in the end is amazing. She is portrayed as a very smart girl (intelligent), but she was also caring and forgiving.

Agent Vance was your typical female cop, but didn’t over do the toughness to prove who she was. Baldacci was able to describe her a competent, but not overcompensating. She did learn to let her guard down a little.

Don’t expect just thriller, suspense, and toughness in this book. Baldacci does add some humor along the way.
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LibraryThing member gaby317
In The Innocent, David Baldacci gives us a world class hitman who develops a conscience just as his employers - a subcontractor of the US military - decide to remove him. There are some lines even mercenaries are unwilling to cross and Robie refuses to kill a teenage girl who appears to be an innocent bystander. Instead, Robie takes it upon himself to protect her even when it might cost him everything that he holds dear: his life, his profession, all ties to his life.

Fortunately, David Baldacci is a master of action and suspense, so this implausible story comes alive. Robie while unbelievable is an engaging hero and we find ourselves rooting for him just as he takes on an impossible burden. The young girl is a typical teenager insofar as she's moody, difficult, and not fully appreciative of the risks that Robie takes - which helps the story along and endears her to both Robie and readers. Another winner by David Baldacci.

ISBN-10: 0446572993 - Hardcover $27.99
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (April 17, 2012), 432 pages.
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LibraryThing member labdaddy4
Another excellent yarn by Baldacci. I especially like the twists and turns that keep the ending in suspense for as long as possible.
Also, big kudos for introducing his readers to a new primary character.
LibraryThing member blush48
Baldacci has created a new, fascinating secret-agent-type character in Will Robie. Will is on an assignment and then finds himself being the target of unknown assassins. Will also encounters a streetwise 14 year old girl - - but is SHE the target, and why?? Exciting book, and Baldacci knows his stuff.
LibraryThing member MarkMeg
Held my interest. Opens with Will Robie killing someone and within the first three chapters he has killed twice and refused to kills once. The story eveloves as he becomes more human, protecting Julie, getting involved with Annie Lambert and ultimately discovering that one killing didn't take--Talal, who then attempts to have the President and the Saudi King killed by Annie Lambert.… (more)
LibraryThing member TomWheaton
This was one of the better books that I have read recently. It kept me wondering where the story line was headed until the last 40 pages when the plot was finally revealed. Even then, there was a twist in those 40 pages that I was not expecting. Needless to say, it was a page-turner that was hard to put down.
LibraryThing member dekan
i really enjoyed this book. i'm hoping others will follow with the characters of robie, vance and even julie. it was well done and mixed alot of varying departments (ss, dcis, fbi kind of thing).. also a variety situations. it twisted and turned and i couldn't put it down. even if you figure it out it's still a hell of a ride.… (more)
LibraryThing member sunnydrk
Another homerun for Davide Baldacci. I can't believe how he just keeps them coming. You won't be able to put this one down.
LibraryThing member bitsy08
Another really good one by David Baldacci. Robie tries to protect a young girl throughout believing what they are going through has nothing to do with him. While I figured out the who and the why, I really enjoyed it and was sorry when it ended. Let's hope Baldacci writes another with Robie.
LibraryThing member infjsarah
Enjoyable, easy read thriller. I enjoyed it a lot more than "Divine Justice". Implausible but thrillers usually are. If you enjoy easy read thrillers, you will like this.
LibraryThing member Michael_Drysdale
This is my first David Baldacci book.

Will Robie is a US government assassin whose latest assignment goes wrong and he finds himself a wanted man. But by whom and why is a mystery which is revealed bit by bit over the course of the book. Also on the run is 14 year old Julie who teams up with Robie.

The book is a page turner and although long,400 pages, each of the 100 chapters is short and always moves the plot along. On the way there are a number of false leads, betrayals and twists. There is some introspective moral questioning of the main character’s motives but I didn’t find this particularly well written.

I had a problem with Julie; she was far too mature for a 14 year old. Occasionally Baldacci would throw in a scene where she does act her age but for me this only highlighted how incredible a character she was most of the time.

Overall I enjoyed the book and give it 3 stars. I would have given 4 if the book was a bit shorter and the Julie character made more believable.
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LibraryThing member LivelyLady
A man seems to be set up. Everyplace he goes, disaster seems to follow. And along the way, he becomes responsible for a homeless foster child. You really don't know where this is going, but you want to read it to find out. Very good. I have not read anything this captivating in a long, long time.
LibraryThing member Judiex
In THE INNOCENT by David Baldacci, professional hitman Will Robie finds he cannot always follow orders without question. He then becomes a target himself. Or maybe someone else, a fourteen-year-old runaway girl, with him is the target. He knows for sure is that one of them seems to be.
Since attacks seem to follow him, he suspects someone supposedly on his side, the US Government, is a mole and is after him. He has to determine why.
Along the way he becomes personally interested in a woman who lives in his apartment while the FBI agent working on the case with him becomes interested in him.
There are several twists and a lot of killing of innocent people who are just in the wrong place at the wrong time
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LibraryThing member mikedraper
The United States has many enemies who plot to kill Americans and then hide behind political curtains. Robbie is an American assassin, sent to kill those who try to harm the U.S. or it's citizens.

The latest target didn't make sense. She lived near Robbie's office and when he crept into her apartment, he found her sleeping and holding a child. Robbie is in communication with his handler via earphone. He refuses the hit. The woman is killed anyway by his handler who was observing the action from an apartment across the street.

Robbie thinks he's been set-up and better get away from things until he sorts it out. He boards a bus to New York. He spots a young girl who he later learns is age fourteen. He notices a man following her and making a move to harm her but Robbie intercedes. Robbie and the girl, Julie Getty, leave the bus and moments later is blows up, killing everyone but Robbie and Julie.

In an action packed story, Robbie learns that Julie was escaping from an intolerable foster care situation and that her parents had just been murdered.

The story of Robbie's betrayal and Julie's parents' murder come together with excellent drama. While Robbie usually works alone, it isn't safe to leave Julie alone so they work together.

David Baldacci has written a finely crafted and provoking book about the intelligence operation in the United States. It will leave the reader breathless.
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LibraryThing member catman46
Good story, if totally implausible...but it will hold your interest. Little else to recommend it
LibraryThing member NaggedMan
Excellent thriller, will read more from this writer
LibraryThing member djriave
Beyond belief:

As thrillers go, it went.

But all the killings, tenuous character associations and fantastical conclusion were too too much.
LibraryThing member breakerfallen
Well written and decent pacing, but the first revealed secret agent was way too predictable.
LibraryThing member dysmonia
This book was critically acclaimed, so I was hoping for a good read. It wasn't brilliant, but it definitely kept my attention. The prose became predictable; by the time I was a third of the way through I could anticipate the words the author would use to finish a sentence in some instances. I guess that means he's consistent if nothing else.

As for the plot, it was complicated, so I give Baldacci props for his creativity. I would have liked the story better without the kid, Julie, a 14-year-old orphan who in massive cliche is precocious and makes the hardened protagonist uncomfortable -- ultimately, of course, they prove to be good for each other.

I don't think I'll seek out any more Baldacci, but I wouldn't rule him out either. He's a decent writer who weaves an engaging story.
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LibraryThing member bereanna
Own. Robie, an assassin for the US govt, teams up unwillingly with Julie, age 14, as they both run from different attackers. Or are they linked somehow? This is a nonstop thriller!
LibraryThing member monica67
Fast paced, never let you go from the first scene. Liked the relationship between Julie and Will. Baldacci's style of crisp, stripped down language lends itself to an action-packed story.
LibraryThing member creighley
Typical fast-paced Baldacci. Superman Will Robie does something he never does....He doesn't pull the trigger. As a result, someone is trying to get him. In his efforts to escape, he runs into a homeless teenager who seems to be tied to his latest assignment. Now both are in danger.
LibraryThing member SheilaDeeth
Ah, but who is innocent? Will Robie, protagonist of David Baldacci’s The Innocent surely isn’t, as the first chapters reveal. A paid killer, he does at least seem to be on the side of the good guys. But suddenly he’s on the run, saving an orphaned teenager, who surely must be innocent, falling in love with the innocent girl next door, and trying to catch a murderer before his past catches up with him.

Short sharp sentences set the scene. Quick clear dialog propels the story. Investigation is as fast and furious as the action. Reader suspicions are confirmed or denied just quickly enough to keep the pulse racing and the pages turning. Robie’s intelligent as well as quick, he’s human as well as inhumanly well-trained, and he makes for a thoroughly enjoyable conflicted protagonist, happiest on his own, but suddenly faced with the possibilities and problems of having to care.

Suspenseful, fast-flowing, convincing and spare, the Innocent is a thoroughly enjoyable blend of mystery, suspense, action and investigation, and a really good read.

Disclosure: My husband really enjoyed it and I’m very glad he told me to read it.
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