Personal Injuries

by Scott Turow, Illustrated by Cover Art

Hardcover, 1993

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Farrar & Rinehart, Incorporated (1993), Edition: First Edition


An FBI operation is held to catch a group of corrupt judges in high places. The central figure is a crooked lawyer who bribed judges on his cases. Nabbed by the IRS for tax evasion, he agrees to be wired and serve as bait in return for a reduced sentence.

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LibraryThing member mmignano11
Scott Turow's legal thriller "Personal Injuries," is aptly named. The focus of the book is on Robbie Feaver(pronounced "favor")who must wear a wire to uncover a bribery ring in the Kindle County Courthouse. While Robbie undertakes the deception to help his own cause, Turow's masterful handling of
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Robbie's character is the key to the novel's emotional appeal. All the characters, which include Evon (pronounced even)Miller,an FBI accomplice, Stan Sennett,who runs the undercover operation and George Mason, the narrator who is also Robbie's lawyer, are well-developed and perform the unenviable task of guiding Robbie through the toughest "case" of his life. With his wife dying an excrutiating death from ALS, Robbie is a sympathetic character. This is evidence of Turow's fine skills as a writer, because Robbie is also a ladies man, a repeat adulterer, guilty of bribing judges and now betraying them to save his own skin. Yet, Turow makes the reader worry for Feaver and applaud his often comic blunders and hope that he can somehow redeem himself in the eyes of his wife and in his estimation of himself. I was pleasantly suprised by the complexity of the characters and the range of human emotions that Turow included in his novel. I would recommend this book to the reader interested in a suspenseful legal thriller with an outpouring of humanity in the most unexpected places.
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LibraryThing member brendawhisonant
Robbie Feaver caught by the FBI for tax evasion must wear a wire and cooperate in the prosecution of his friends while his wife dies of ALS
LibraryThing member TomSlee
Good fun. Fast moving, and Robbie Feaver is a obnoxiously-charming main character.
LibraryThing member peterannis
A convincing story, other than the end eminently believable. Kept me reading it to the end. Essentially about corruption within the judicial system, its detection and the processes needed to flush it out.
LibraryThing member Borg-mx5
The continuing saga of the soap opera that is Kindle County. This is not the best of his books. It does have some mildlt interesting characters, but lacks the true tension of earlier works. This one is merely ok.
LibraryThing member indygo88
I suspect this is not one of Turow's best. Having only read one other, and that being ages ago, it's difficult to make a comparison, although I do recall enjoying that one. However, I think the abridgement (on audio) was largely at fault for my particular disinterest in this book. I had trouble
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keeping track of names & the story just seemed a little too disjointed for me.
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LibraryThing member artikaur
Fantastic. This book kept me guessing until the very end. I wanted to find out what was going on from chapter to chapter so badly, that I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning, trying to finish the book. This is a fascinating, believable legal thriller. There are so many unexpected twists and
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turns that will keep you on your toes. I agree, there were a lot of characters and at times, it was hard to keep track of everyone. But all told, I was riveted from the beginning to the end.
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LibraryThing member krizia_lazaro
This was a remarkable book from an author and a genre I don't usually read about. I was quite shocked that I liked this. The story was well thought of, well paced and well written. The characters are memorable and they became a part of you. It's a law story that has heart and I think that what was
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good about it. I think this book is underrated so I recommend everybody to grab a copy and read it! Watch out for the twist at the end!
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LibraryThing member LynnB
I love Scott Turow. I've read this book before.....years ago....but couldn't resist when I saw it at a charity sale for $1. This is the story of Robbie Feaver, whose law practice includes bribing judges. He's caught and cooperates with the FBI in return for a lighter sentence. Sounds like a
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standard plot you might see on TV? But not in the hands of Scott Turow. Great writing, fantastic characters drawn with depth and complexity and a story with enough surprises....not just plot twist surprises, but surprises in the development or back stories of characters. He is truly one of the best writers.
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LibraryThing member FerneMysteryReader
What a difference in my opinions. I previously read five (5) novels by Scott Turow. I included the statement in a review of "Innocent" that "Legal thriller" seems too trite as a descriptive tag as Scott Turow's writing is in a class by itself. The two (2) novels I particularly enjoyed were
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"Presumed Innocent" (Kindle County #1) and "Innocent" (Kindle County #8).

I was looking forward to being engrossed in "Personal Injuries" but after reading for several evenings there seems no point to continue as I take one look at the novel and already dread opening the book. Had I not read previous novels by Scott Turow, I would never try another after the experience with this novel. I may try another at some point in time but I suspect it may be a while until that urge surfaces again or occurs.
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LibraryThing member Charon07
My audio book club shipped this by mistake, but since I liked a movie that was based on a Turow novel (Presumed Innocent?), I thought I'd give it a listen. It was pleasant enough, if you like legal procedurals.
LibraryThing member camharlow2
Starting with a complicated sting operation in the fictional Kindle County in America, Turow widens the scope of the book out from the initial operation of the U.S. Attorney into a fascinating and moving novel that examines friendship, loyalty and love. This redeems some of the slowness and
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complicated plot as the sting progresses to try to entrap Brendan Tuohey, the Presiding Judge of the Common Law Claims Division and several lower-ranked judges who are suspected by the FBI of accepting bribes to issue favourable judgements in cases stretching back over a number of years. As the investigation progresses, those involved, both suspects and investigators are affected by the pressure, leading to a startling conclusion, but one that leaves them more experienced, wiser and changed over the course of the ten months.
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Society of Midland Authors Award (Nominee — Adult Fiction — 2000)
Hammett Prize (Nominee — 1999)


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