The Scents of Eden: A Narrative of the Spice Trade

by Charles Corn

Hardcover, 1998

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959.8 C



Kodansha America (1998), 352 pages


Based on archival material, this book presents the history of the military, diplomatic and economic power struggle for control of the world's most lucrative food stuffs, and domination of the Indian Ocean. Clothed in mystery and lost in uncharted seas, the Spice Islands of the early sixteenth century tantalized European imagination to the point of obsession. As the only place on Earth where grew the holy trinity' of spices-cloves, nutmeg, and mace-these minuscule islands quickly became a wellspring of international intrigue and personal fortune,'

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LibraryThing member Mrs_McGreevy
It's hard to believe, but there was a time when pepper was more valuable than gold. Europe craved the novelty of new spices, and explorers from many different countries set out to make their fortunes in the spice trade. Corn relates the history of the spice islands and those who discovered and exploited them in all of their cruel and exciting glory.… (more)




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