Charles Kuralt's America

by Charles Kuralt

Hardcover, 1995

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973.92 KUR



Putnam Adult (1995), Edition: First Edition, 279 pages


A television journalist chronicles his travels and memoirs--the people, places, and events encountered in his life.

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LibraryThing member sfisk
If you like Charles Kuralt you'll love this book.
LibraryThing member Bill_Masom
Absolutely wonderful!

If you liked his CBS The Sunday Morning Show, this reads just like he was on the show. Beautifully written. A complete joy to read.
LibraryThing member BookConcierge
Charles Kuralt hosted a popular Sunday Morning segment on CBS. I loved that show, and Kuralt’s mellifluous baritone voice overs. This book was written after he had retired from television. He spends an entire year going to different states, spending a full month in each state he visits. What does he do with all this free time? He spends it just hanging out, enjoying the weather and the ambience, connecting with old friends, meeting new friends, eating, fishing and enjoying life in general.

Reading this road trip book, I realized that I missed Kuralt’s voice (though I could almost hear it in my head). I really missed the TV film crew’s gorgeous photography. The book does include photos from each state, but they are in black and white, and they are not professional photos but more snapshots. Like I said, I loved the TV show and still miss it; those little vignettes were the perfect way to end the morning news show. An entire book of Kuralt’s musings is a little too much at once. I was reading it at the same time I was reading other books … doling it out in small sections over two weeks. That helped, but this kind of book really has no story arc, and I got bored.
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