The Restless Northwest: A Geological Story

by Hill Williams

Paperback, 2002

Call number

NWC 557.9 W



Washington State University Press (2002), Edition: 1St Edition, 176 pages


"The Restless Northwest provides a brief, easy-to-follow overview of the geologic processes that shaped the Northwest." "One of the attractions of the Northwest is its varied terrain, from the volcanic Cascade Range to the flood-scoured scablands of eastern Washington and the eroded peaks of the northern Rockies. These vast differences are the result of a collision of the old and the new. The western edge of Idaho was once the edge of ancient North America; as eons passed, a jumble of islands, mini-continents, and sediment piled up against the old continental edge, gradually extending it west to the present coastline." "Hill Williams uses an informal conversational style to explain complex processes to a general readership. He enlivens the story of long-ago geologic events with fascinating asides on everything from enormous undersea tube worms to the Willamette meteorite, the largest ever found in the United States."--Jacket.… (more)


Washington State Book Award (Winner — 2003)




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