This Was Logging! Selected Photographs of Darius Kinsey

by Ralph W. Andrews

Hardcover, 1954

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Superior Publishing (1954), Edition: First Edition/First Printing, 157 pages


"Someday" Big Fred Hewett used to say in his Humboldt Saloon in Aberdeen, Washington, "these pictures will show how the boys used to do it." He knew the day would come when the Pacific Northwest's "Big Woods" would be only a fog-blurred memory and the cry "Logs! More Logs!" would no longer be heard ringing up and down the skidroads. With the superb views of timber photographer Darius Kinsey, comprising more than 200 pictures made from wet plate celluloid negatives, 11" x 14", and processed by his pioneer wife, Tabitha, author Andrews dramatically presents a panorama of lumbering's great days in these woods from 1890 to 1925. Shown in sharp detail are the first axes, 12-foot crosscut saws, the first oxen and horses, the first donkey engines and "lokeys". Then the story continues into the "highball" days, the high production period with the steel tower skidders and miles of steel rigging.… (more)

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LibraryThing member billsearth
This book details the history of logging, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Since most old growth has been cut, this is a good place to see what it looked like and how it was removed from our landscape.

Drawbacks of the book are its sparcity of text(about 50% photos and 50% text and no charts or
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graphs), and its lack of much organization, it has no chapters or index. In a sense it is a photo history organized in a rough chronology. Still, the photos do show what old growth looked like and how it was removed.
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