Banana Palace

by Dana Levin

Paperback, 2016

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811 LEV




Copper Canyon Press (2016), 96 pages


""Images that are satisfyingly clear. and excitingly inexplicable." -Robert Pinsky, Washington Post "Intimate and hypnotic. whether turning her gaze inward or outward, these poems question the moral, aesthetic, and metaphysical needs that poetry exists to fill." -Ploughshares "Levin's work is phenomenological; it details how it feels to be an embodied consciousness making its way through the world." -Boston Review In her newest collection, Dana Levin uses humor, jump-cut imagery, and popular culture references in preparation for the approaching apocalypse. Against a backdrop of Facebook, cat memes, and students searching their smartphones for a definition of the soul, Levin draws upon a culture of limited attention spans as it searches for greater spiritual meaning. The poems in Banana Palace are elliptical by design, the lines often trailing off into a white space of their own making, as if flirting with and resolving in their own isolation. It was the most glorious thing I had ever seen. Cross-section of a banana under a microscope the caption read. I hunched around my little screen sharing a fruit no one could eat. Dana Levin has published three books of poetry, Wedding Day (Copper Canyon), Sky Burial (Copper Canyon), and her first book, In the Surgical Theatre, won the APR/Honickman Award. A teacher of poetry for over twenty years, Levin splits her time between Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Maryville University in St. Louis, where she serves as Distinguished Writer in Residence"--… (more)

Library's review

"--spring wind with its/ train of spoons,/ kidney-bean-shaped/ pools, Floridian/ humus, cicadas with their/ electric applicance hum, cricket/ pulse of dusk under/ the pixilate gold of the trees, fall's/ finish, snow's white/ afterlife, death's breath/ finishing the monologue Phenomena. The Most Beautiful Girl *you/ *carved the word because you craved the world*-- ("My Sentence"). When it's good, it's very good. (Brian)… (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member ElleGato
I really loved this collection. Though it grapples with weighty topics like the end of the world, it did so with a sense of wicked humor and an almost brutal hope. The poems are never overwhelming and the author draws from a wide variety of sources and inspiration to build on her themes. Definitely a wonderful book of poems.




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