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Hardcover, 1980

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Readers Digest (1980)


Some of us take pride and pleasure in our needlework skills, while others of us have been drawn to sewing crafts but haven't been confident enough to try them. Happily, this book is a gold mine of instruction and inspiration for everyone, whatever your level of skill.


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LibraryThing member soliloquies
What of those books 'everyone' should have if they are interested in needlecraft. It gives clear explanations of the main types of needlecraft and shows clear examples so it's easy to teach yourself new skills.
Whilst the clothing examples are hideously out of date, the guide element is one of the best.… (more)
LibraryThing member tygermoonfoxx
This is an excellent reference and resource for all sorts of needlework crafts. It includes information on materials needed, alternate stitches, and the best materials for each craft.

However, some of the instructions seem to assume prior knowledge of the craft and are unclear. No clear definition of abbreviations is provided, especially concerning crochet and knit stitches. Illustrations for stitching and diagrams are difficult to follow.… (more)
LibraryThing member mekarelasalle
my grandmother gave me her copy that a friend had given to her. its a reference style book and i refer to it often. it may look old and out-date but it's great!
LibraryThing member magst
This book was really of no help to me what so ever... I have since found a much better book to help me with understanding crochet patterns.
LibraryThing member TeresaInTexas
This is by far the best one volume encyclopedia to needlework stitches. I taught myself how to needlepoint and crochet from this book. Everything is broken down into steps, helping a first time crafter to be successful. Also includes instruction for quilting, knitting, and embroidery.
LibraryThing member astherest
This is not a good book for learning to do any of these crafts, but once you find a book to teach you the basics this book is a tremendous reference guide. It has stitches, finishing instructions, designing techniques and projects. It also has a lot of out-of-the-ordinary sections. I have never seen as complete a lace making section anywhere else. Includes: embroidery, needlepoint, knitting, applique, quilting, patchwork, macrame, crochet, rug-making and lacework.… (more)
LibraryThing member SABC
Wonderful book to have handy for all kinds of sewing and crafts.....skills are demonstrated and explained with colorful photos......
LibraryThing member Jennifertapir
Practical rather than arty.
LibraryThing member orinda5
I use this as a reference all the time.
LibraryThing member Kushana
The projects aren't the most au courant but the instructions are clear and well-illustrated. Like similar Reader's Digest Guides on other broad hobbies, this book covers a lot of ground and gives a good sense of what is possible or what to try, next. Has an inviting and clear layout that many craft books would do well to copy.

I use it to refresh my memory or to spend time with a craft book that isn't intimidatingly complex for its own sake -- or overwhelmingly complex in its comprehensiveness and detail. A good basic reference book when you look up from a pattern and think, "Wait, how do I ....?"

Does not include sprang: most book don't.
… (more)


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