Digital Photography Outdoors: A Field Guide for Travel and Adventure Photographers

by James Martin

Paperback, 2008

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778 MAR



Mountaineers Books (2008), Edition: 2, 219 pages

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LibraryThing member bezoar44
This book offers a short but well-organized and incredibly informative discussion of digital photography. Although the title suggests a focus on outdoor and wildlife photography, the advice should really be useful for any general digital photography. The book is aimed at experienced and knowledgeable film photographers -- professional or skilled amateur -- who are making the transition to digital. Since I'm not at that level, I had to pay particular attention, but the payback in good, clear advice was worth it. In addition to discussing techniques for shooting photos with a digital camera, the author spends at least a third of the book on photo-editing using software programs, and outlines a recommended workflow that minimizes loss of image quality and risks of serious mistakes. Striking photos throughout make it easy to see exactly what the author is talking about when he discusses exposure and editing choices. This is a book I expect to return to repeatedly - and will probably make more intuitive sense - as I gain more experience with my camera.… (more)




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