The Second World War (6 Volumes)

by Churchill Winston S.

Hardcover, 1951

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909.53 C



Houghton Mifflin Company (1951), Edition: First Thus


The Classic One-Volume Abridgment of Winston Churchill's landmark history of World War II. At once a personal account and a magisterial history, The Second World War remains Churchill's literary masterpiece.

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LibraryThing member KeithJenner
My copy of this book is actually the Penguin issue released in 1985 with a forward by John Keegan.

It is the first of six volumes describing the Second World War, as written by one of the main players in the story, the British Prime Minister for the majority of the war.

I have always found Winston
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Churchills writing style very easy to read and this volume, which covers the build up (from the end of World War One) to the appointment of Churchill as Prime Minister in Spring 1940, is very readable and gives a fascinating background to the war.

Definately worth a read, but be warned, if you do so then you will have to get the remaining five volumes as well as this isn't a story you can leave part completed.
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LibraryThing member Whiskey3pa
Unique among WW2 writing, the only Allied leader to write an account. His command of the language is superb. Does not claim to be the final word, just his perspective. Strongly recomend to anyone.
LibraryThing member buffalogr
This volume covers the build up (from the end of World War One) to the appointment of Churchill as Prime Minister in Spring 1940. It is Churchill's perspective and is like reading a political science text; listening sounds a bit like listening to Charlie Brown's teacher . He claims it's his view of
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these events and sounds like it. A student of Brit politics or world history would enjoy it immensely. It's my first reading of a book by one of my favorite people in history; don't think I'll read another.
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LibraryThing member dannyp777
I have an old set of this series by Winston Churchill that I purchased from an antique dealer on Very educational account of the events of the Second World War and the events that led up to the Second World War. A privilege to read the words of one of the greatest leaders of Great
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Britain and the 20th century.
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LibraryThing member David-Block
A fine first hand account of the second World War from the well-known insider Winston Churchill. No book can give a full account of this event but this is probably as complete an account as is available. I found the history and personal information interesting but the details of the battles and
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army divisions held little interest for me personally.
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