We Are Puget Sound: Discovering and Recovering the Salish Sea

by David Workman

Other authorsBrian Walsh (Photographer), Brian Cantwell (Contributor), Martha Kongsgaard (Foreword), Leonard Forsman (Contributor), Mindy Roberts (Contributor)
Paperback, 2019

Call number

NWC 508.797 WOR


Braided River (2019), Edition: Later Printing, 224 pages


Puget Sound is a magnificent and intricate estuary, the very core of life in Western Washington. Yet it's also a place of broader significance: rivers rush from the Cascade and Olympic mountains and Canada's coastal ranges through varied watersheds to feed the Sound, which forms the southern portion of a complex, international ecosystem known as the Salish Sea. A rich, life-sustaining home shared by two countries, as well as 50-plus Native American Tribes and First Nations, the Salish Sea is also a huge economic engine, with outdoor recreation and commercial shellfish harvesting alone worth $10.2 billion. But this spectacular inland sea is suffering. Pollution and habitat loss, human population growth, ocean acidification, climate change, and toxins from wastewater and storm runoff present formidable challenges. We Are Puget Sound amplifies the voices and ideas behind saving Puget Sound, and it will help engage and inspire citizens around the region to join together to preserve its ecosystem and the livelihoods that depend on it.… (more)



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