What Do Authors Do?

by Eileen Christelow

Paperback, 1997

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Clarion Books (1997), Edition: Illustrated, 40 pages


A sprightly text and colorful illustrations follow two creative people-and a talkative dog and cat-through the writing process step by step, from the inspiration for a story to the satisfaction of sharing the book with readers. Eileen Christelow based this instructive picture book on questions children asked during her classroom talks around the country. Simple enough for young children to understand, and with the entertainment value of fiction, "What Do Authors Do?" is children's nonfiction at its best.

User reviews

LibraryThing member amclellan0908
This book uses simple sentences and comic strip style pictures to explain how writers write and what writers do before, during, and after writing processes. I could use this to help review the writing process, as a great deal of the book explores pre-writing, editing, and revision, which many
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students simply don't do.
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LibraryThing member ahernandez91
This is a great book to read to children to inspire them to the write. It explains the processes that authors go through in order to right the perfect book for publishers. Books are written from any and every moment of the day and sometimes it can be hard to write those thoughts on paper.A good
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author gets feedback and writes draft after draft. Through this book, children can be motivated to write their own books and this book can be used as a guide. This is such a cute book to read to children when teaching them how to write books, journals, papers, anything. I loved the little blurbs that make it look like a comment and how the animals talked to each other.
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LibraryThing member lawacademyslmc
This book does an excellent job of explaining how books are published from the beginning (It starts with an idea) to the end (getting the book published and reviewed).

Students will clearly understand that writing is a process that takes time and that a finished product is the result of
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proofreading, editing, and many rewrites.
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Kentucky Bluegrass Award (Nominee — 1997)


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