Chew On This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food

by Charles Wilson

Other authorsEric Schlosser (Author)
Paperback, 2007

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Houghton Mifflin (2007), Edition: Illustrated, 318 pages


A behind-the-scenes look at the fast food industry.

User reviews

LibraryThing member blilind
I give Chew on This 3 out of 5 stars. This book was a great eye opener on how chains can change towns and cities. It was so interesting to read how some of the most powerful restaurants and stores are run by teenagers. The book had many facts that were amazing to learn. I don't think this would be a book many teens would choose as their choice to read. Some parts were too full of dry facts.… (more)
LibraryThing member ewyatt
It'll be a long time before I visit a fast food restaurant or eat meat again after reading this book. The book, from the author of Fast Food Nation, is an exploration of the founding and development of fast food restaurants. The ways that these companies market, advertise, and prepare the food that is served is explored. The health impact on Americans and those world wide from the changing diet and consuming fast food is included as well.
The narrative is engaging, but seemed jarring at times when the second person was used.
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LibraryThing member TheMightyQuinn
A kid's version of Fast Food Nation, this book includes the 'dark side' of fast food. Not limited to the exploitation of child consumers, beef production, health risks, taste factories and the history of the hamburger. Many good stories about the people behind the people behind the counter (e.g. Ray Kroc) and the authors do a nice job of tying what they are talking about to a real live kid example as well as including interesting photos. One drawback to this book: by the time kids are interested in this stuff wouldn't they rather read Fast Food Nation? Recommend for 4th-8th grades.… (more)
LibraryThing member DavisJHS
Great book on the history of fast food in America, and how the marketing (think "Happy Meals") of fast food has changed American culture and how we eat. Good read for fast-food lovers and vegitarians!
Reviewed by Mr. Monette
LibraryThing member Bigdaddykendall
In Chew On this Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson made me realize how nasty fast food can be. The authors' made me realize that the food industry is very unhealthy and unethical. some of the stories they share are just straight up nasty and make me not want to eat at any kind of beef again. Overall they had some very insightful topics and showed me how bad this stuff really is. I'd rate this at 4 stars for opening my eyes to the truth about fast food chains.… (more)
LibraryThing member jyasinchuk
With passages from his adult-oriented and highly successful "Fast Food Nation", Schlosser shares more on the dirt about the fast and junk food industry. His intended audience: the young adult crowd. Extensive research and endnotes really lend limitless credence and accountability to the book. And, yes, the Golden Arches are now more recognized than the Christian cross (according to Schlosser's relentless research)! Recommended for Grades 8-12. "Chew on This" has great potential as a resource for foods, marketing, and physical and health education classes at the secondary levels.… (more)
LibraryThing member sharletkanehl
Chew on This: Everything You Don’t Want to Know About Fast Food takes you behind closed doors, in factories, and to the places where fast food began. The reader is given the opportunity to look at some of the most popular fast food chains in America. So if you’re wondering why fast food tastes so good and what exactly you’re eating in your fast food than read this book.
Personal Reaction:
I was kind of grossed out by some of the stuff I read in this book. Chew on This: Everything You Don’t Want to Know About Fast Food was like a good horror movie I just couldn’t stop reading it. I knew that I wasn’t going to like everything in this book, but it was so well written that I had to read it to the end.
Extension Ideas:
1. This book would be a wonderful tool in the fight for healthier eating habits for children. In the classroom, I can have my students tell me what they think is in pop.
2. I can show my students some of the photos in the book that show the negative effects of fast food on a person’s body. Then I can have my students tell me ways that these photos can and could be avoided.
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LibraryThing member julierh
this book is great! it's fast food nation for the YA audience- though it's equally appropriate for adults. so many issues are covered: fast food workers' rights, the treatment of animals produced for meat, the nutritive quality of fast food, and a lot more. and it is full of interesting information that is easy to find.(there's no trace of milk or strawberries in a mcdonald's strawberry milkshake!)it will anger you and inspire you at the same time.… (more)
LibraryThing member librarynut
This is the YA companion novel to Fast Food Nation. This book will change the way that you think about fast food. It is NOT as graphic as fast food nation. It is an excellent book for the YA crowd to read.
LibraryThing member Meggo
If you read Fast Food Nation, or saw the documentary Supersize Me, this book will be very familiar. Surprisingly repetetive and doesn't bring anything new to the table, so to speak.
LibraryThing member librarybrandy
Another non-fiction title that covers far more ground than it claims to, but it's not bad. Most of the fast-food industry information is related to McDonald's, the industry giant--but McD's is the only chain that gets any press, just about. There are token references to the others, but that's about all.

The other information in here covers advertising, the history of the fast-food industry (and McDonald's in particular, of course), effects of junk food on the body, a case study of a boy who had gastric bypass surgery at 16, and an inside look at slaughterhouses. It's a lot to cover.

The book is at a middle-school level, and was largely taken from Fast-Food Nation. Unfortunately, this leads to a somewhat disorganized text, jumping from topic to topic and back. Still worth reading for middle schoolers, but leaves a bit to be desired.
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LibraryThing member mcelhra
Chew on This is written by the author of Fast Food Nation – it’s like the young adult version of Fast Food Nation. According to Amazon, it’s geared to children twelve years old/seventh grade and up. One word of warning – the secret behind Santa is revealed in this book. Probably not a problem for the target audience of this book but it was a problem for my nine-year old. He reads above grade level so he didn’t have trouble reading or understanding this book but he still has a 3rd grader’s ideas about Santa so I was disappointed that this book gave away the secret.

Other than that, I loved this book. It really focuses on the fact that fast food is marketed primarily towards children, in ways that I hadn’t really thought of before. I knew my kids like McDonald’s because of the Happy Meal toys and the Play Places but I never realized how calculated all the marketing was to be geared toward children, who would then drag their parents and grandparents to the fast food restaurants with them. I’m so naive!

It also discussed the practices of factory farming of which most kids are probably not aware. I also appreciated the discussion of how they make fast food taste good – all the artificial ingredients and so forth.

I was hoping that this book would turn my son off of fast food but I didn’t get that lucky. However, I think the ideas in this book will continue to rattle around in his head and when he gets a little older his food choices will be affected by what he learned in this book. I was certainly turned off of fast food after reading this book! I highly recommend this book. It would be a great book for a family book club that could be the jumping off point for a family discussion about the family’s food choices – I enjoyed discussing this book with my son quite a bit.
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LibraryThing member csweder
It's amazing how this book was adapted for younger readers. I first bought Fast Food Nation hoping to use it in class. And I was dismayed at the language the book was written in. I liked what it had to say, just that it took a lot to say what he wanted.

Chew On This had to cut out a lot of what was in Fast Food Nation, but it is shorter and more kid-friendly.

A good read.
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LibraryThing member csweder
It's amazing how this book was adapted for younger readers. I first bought Fast Food Nation hoping to use it in class. And I was dismayed at the language the book was written in. I liked what it had to say, just that it took a lot to say what he wanted.

Chew On This had to cut out a lot of what was in Fast Food Nation, but it is shorter and more kid-friendly.

A good read.
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LibraryThing member RyanT.B3
This book was about everything that you don't want to know about fast food. The table of contents are: Introduction, The Pioneers, The Youngster Buisness, McJobs, The Secret of the Fries, Stop the Pop, Meat, Big, and finally Your Way. In the Introduction it just tells you what you are going to be reading about. In The Pioneers you learn about the people that made multiple fast food chains. In the Youngster Buisness you learn who fast food was directed at. In McJobs it tells you what jobs you can get in the fast food chains and what a McJob is. In the Secret of the Fries you learn about the secret of the french fries at fast food resturants. In Stop the Pop people are trying to stop people from selling Soda Pop at school.In meat you learn about what is in the meat that you eat at fast food resturants. In big it tells you the story of a kid who gets gastric bypass surgery, and finally in Your Way you learn about how you can eat fast food your way.

From reading this book it has changed my opinion about fast food and soda. I never ever want to eat fast food ever again now that I know what is inside of those burgers and how they cook the food. The reason for this is the diseases. You can get multiple diseases from eating to much fast food, and drinking to much soda. I liked this book very much. It was exciting to read. The thing is that I don't want to read it again.
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LibraryThing member GiannaB.b1
i liked this book because in this book Eric Schlosser's and Charles Wilson unwrap the fast food industry t bring behind-the-scenes look at a business that both feeds and feeds if the young. in this book the they explain what is fast-food like here are some of the chapters. Meet the fifteen-yea-old who invented the hamburger or see how French fires are often shot through a superpower gun---and what makes them taste so good. and thats y i likes this book. and i will never eat fast-food again… (more)
LibraryThing member Salsabrarian
Frames the rise and popularity of fast food restaurants within its most problematic aspects: low wages, destruction of family-owned farms, inhumane treatment of animals, foodborne illness, obesity, and widespread marketing to children.
LibraryThing member JettJ.G1
The book, "Chew On This." by Eric Schlosser and Charlie Wilson is about all the things that fast food and junk food/drinks do. At the beginning they talk about how most of the popular foods were made or how the restaurants started. In this book you also learn how fast food owners made more people come to their restaurant. In the middle of the book you learn about how schools offer unhealthy fast food and how the Eskimo's are getting baby bottle syndrome. In this book you learn about how young (still growing) kids need to get up early and stay late for restaurants to give them minimum wage. At the end of the book you learn how animals are treated in the slaughter house. To finish off this book they talked about how the fast foods restaurants are going everywhere around the world and how the amount of obese people is growing.

I rated this book 1 and 1/2 stars because I didn't really learn anything new. One thing I did learn though is that the first hamburger was compressed meat balls. I would recommend this book to people that like knowing the origins of fast food restaurants. I would recommend this book to people who don't know what the ingredients of the fast food restaurant's food. I would recommend this to people if they need a short and enjoyable book. I liked this book because it taught me some things I didn't know. I would read another one of their books if I knew one.
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LibraryThing member christopher.kyle1706
Best up front book about food! You should really read it like right now!
LibraryThing member AlishaM.B3
Chew on this tells a lot of details of fast food. It tells how a hamburger was invented, how French fries are made, hear the life of a chicken before it turned into a chicken nugget, and see what happens to your body when you eat fast food. The book also tells how McDonalds was invented. McDonalds is the most exampled fast food restaurant in the book. It also has a half page of ingredients of what is in artificial strawberry flavoring and strawberries are defiantly not in it. The book tells the story of some people with problems caused by fast food. It also shows how fast food was put right into schools.
Chew on this is a book that helps explain all the details that happen behind the sciences of fast food. It deserves 3 stars because it is kind of boring but still very informing. I recommend this book to people who like to know what's really in fast food. I also recommend this book to people who really like to get information from books. Because the person at the fast food place will probably not tell you anything true. This book was written by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson. The book would probably not be for people who get grossed out a lot.
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