Crow and Weasel

by Barry Lopez

Other authorsTom Pohrt (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1998

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J 398.2 LOP


Square Fish (1998), 80 pages


On their bold and wonderful journey, Crown and Weasel meet with terrifying danger and spectacular beauty. They come face to face with Eskimos who welcome the young travellers to their hunting camp on the edge of the tundra. In this novella-length fable, Barry Lopez, bestselling author of Arctic Dreams and Of Wolves and Men, and recipient of the National Book Award and the John Burroughs Medal for nature writing, returns to his abiding concerns - our spiritual relationship with the landscape, respect for traditions different from our own, and our human obligations to one another. Tom Pohrt's paintings, based on indigenous clothing and artefacts of the northern plains, bring to life this marvellous quest and amplify its message. 2 cassettes.

User reviews

LibraryThing member xliao
The experience of Crow and Weasel is similar as the journey of our lives, there are a lot of good or bad thing in the long way, and we have to help each other and feel thanks.In fact, it is a story worth to read many times.
LibraryThing member tmarks
A journey of two friends as they struggle towards manhood and work to make their tribe proud.
LibraryThing member JMahoney18
Long ago, when people and animals spoke the same language, two young men left their tribe to make an adventurous voyage through the wilderness, into the unknown northland. Set in the mythic past and inspired by the traditions of the North American Plains people, this fable of self-discovery follows
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Crow and Weasel as they face unfamiliar perils on a quest for knowledge and wisdom. Conquering their innermost fears, the two heroes come of age and learn more than they ever could have imagined—about humanity's relationship to the land, the importance of respecting other peoples and giving thanks, and even the ery nature of friendship itself. This book is good to teach children about becoming friends with everyone because it teaches them to learn about other people's culture.
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LibraryThing member ameliagilbertson
A beautifully illustrated retelling of an Inuit folktale about two young men who undertake the adventure of a lifetime together and learn about themselevs and the vastness of the world around them on the way.
LibraryThing member hatease
This story is about how they set out on a journey, opposed by their families, to share their culture and learn about new cultures and find new territory.
Hope, courage, family, unknown, and heritage.

LibraryThing member SimoneAlexis
Crow and Weasel is a captivating story of two young Sioux braves on a quest to explore new territories and meet new tribes to the north of their own tribe's customary territory. The two men are illustrated throughout with the heads of their respective totem names, those of a crow and a weasel.
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is a coming of age story, as Crow and Weasel learn a lot about themselves through this journey.
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LibraryThing member mollybeaver
Crow and Weasel is the chronicles of coming of age individuals. Crow and Weasel set off to discover the farthest north point. They struggle to survive in harsh conditions of starvation and freezing temperatures. They learn to work together and utilize their own strengths in coordination with the
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other. They encounter humans and learn from their lifestyle. When they return, they have learned so much and tell their tribe of their journey.
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LibraryThing member m.belljackson
CROW AND WEASEL offers a gentle retelling of the vision quest of two young men. They seek to fulfill
the dream of MOUNTAIN LION, a village elder, to learn about the unknown and unexplored lands north of their village.

Traveling on horseback, they encounter vast new terrain and animals until they
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reach the Inuit people
who come to welcome and to teach them.

The mood remains low suspense until taking a gruesome turn as they decide to eat
one of their horses rather than starve. GRIZZLY BEAR arrives in time to spare
this tale from horror.

Paintings are Five Star amazing.
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