Dewey: There's a Cat in the Library!

by Vicki Myron

Other authorsSteve James (Illustrator), Bret Witter (Author)
Hardcover, 2009

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Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (2009), Edition: Gift, 40 pages


"When librarian Vicki Myron finds a young kitten abandoned in the Spencer Library return box, she nurses him back to health, deciding then and there that he will be their library cat, and naming him, appropriately, Dewey Readmore Books."

Media reviews

School Library Journal, Vol. 55, Issue 9, Page 145
K-Gr 2 -- This heartwarming picture book... describes how on a cold night Myron found a tiny kitten in the return box at Spencer Public Library in Iowa, and the feline's impact on the library community. ... The realistic illustrations, done in vibrant watercolors, bring the tale to life (the orange
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cat's expressions are priceless). The story moves along swiftly, and will be a hit with readers requesting animal books.
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This genial if cutesy adaptation of the authors' bestselling Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World gets an energetic boost from James's digitally rendered art. Animal-loving readers will be charmed by the realistic, closeup depictions of young library patrons and their tender (and
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sometimes not-so-tender) interactions with Dewey, who is based on a real-life feline adopted by Myron after it was abandoned in the book drop of her Iowa library. The narrative becomes overly precious, though, when it ventures inside Dewey's head....
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User reviews

LibraryThing member delatte
Heart-warming, funny, and appropriately complex. (Nobody can write a children's book quite like a librarian!)
LibraryThing member ronda73ca
I cannot think of anything that is not right with this children’s book. The illustrations are beyond perfection, from the rolling, jolly, world changing feline to the simple sad look on the little girls face. The story will be timeless for children if added to your local story time, or even
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better have your library actually have a cat. OK OK I know not necessarily practical. Simply said it is a wonderful book on all levels.
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LibraryThing member ShutterBugSara.T
This story is based on the adult non-fiction book. Dewey the library cat. In this Childs adaptation, we once again follow Dewey through his misadventures and the want to be able to help people who come into his library.

When I first read the adult version of this book I cried! It was a beautiful
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true story and that same fact remains for the children’s version. While it seams like just a cute story about a cat turns out to be a true story! The illustrations in this book are perfect. They look exactly like real photos of Dewey. While much of the storey was cut down to cater to children, they did not forget to keep in the most important personality quirks of Dewey; much like his love of rubber bands, the particular way he likes to be pet, and his love of people. If you have ever read the full adult version of Dewey, you will be sure to love this one too!
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LibraryThing member briannad84
Adorable book with beautiful illustrations. My son loved it! Keep meaning to read the 'adult' version though.
LibraryThing member robincar
Abandoned in a public library book-drop, a kitten is found by a librarian who decides to keep him. He is named Dewey Readmore Books and becomes a library cat. But what does a library cat do? Dewey intends to find out as he adjusts to living in a library and meeting all the people who come to the
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library. He will become the best Library Cat he can be. This picture book is based on a non-fiction book which, in turn, draws on the true story of Dewey the library cat. The book is well illustrated with beautiful full color watercolor pictures that depict Dewey as he discovers what it means to be a library cat. Children and adults alike will be charmed by Dewey’s antics and interactions with people in the library. It is particularly suited for kids ages 3 to 7.
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LibraryThing member mirikayla
I wasn't sure about the first few pages (they didn't seem all that exciting) but it was pretty funny about the time that Dewey decided to be real Library Cat, instead of just a cat in a library.
LibraryThing member alebarbu
One night, a kitten is dropped in the return box of a small town library in Iowa. Rescued by the librarian to be a “library cat”, she calls him “Dewey Readmore Books”. He starts exploring his new surroundings like a kitten would, from the book carts to the desk drawers, and from Story Hour
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to the library patrons. He has some trouble with the little ones who can be loud, pet him the wrong way, and worse, hold him upside-down. Dewey is tired of being pulled and poked, and decides to be a true “Library Cat”, and help patrons and library clerks (in his own way), and it works out well for him and people around him!

This picture book was written by the same librarian and her co-author who wrote the adult book “Dewey”, based on a true story. This small version of it is also a nice tribute to cats and to libraries. The watercolor illustrations really make Dewey’s antics and library adventures come to life, and the text goes well with the illustrations. The text is set in different sizes, and sometimes is not straight to convey excitement and surprises. Ages 5-8.
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LibraryThing member JCLHeatherM
A five star rating for my favorite library cat. Dewey was a friend to everyone, and managed to teach proper library etiquette when necessary. Great for storytimes or for a community helpers unit. Myron's illustrated version of the 'Dewey' book is a great starting place for young readers who want to
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know more about the cute library mascot.
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