Spinky Sulks

by William Steig

Other authorsWilliam Steig (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1988

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Trumpet Club (1988)


Spinky thinks his family hates him and sulks, everyone tries to get him to stop, will he ever cheer up.

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LibraryThing member altesschwein
I love a private sulk, but this book is about a very public one. One of my favorite read-a-loud books from my daughter's childhood.
LibraryThing member mamazee
I've got seven children, and even my "biggies" come and sit down to listen when this one comes out. William Steig is the perfect children's author because he remembers exactly what it feels like to be out of sorts, know you're wrong, too proud to back down - and he takes that and makes it perfectly
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ridiculous... Spinky's family is a collection of saints, and if we say, oh so sweetly and gently "Spinkalink..." our children know exactly what we mean, and usually can't help but grin...
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LibraryThing member jfe16
When Spinky’s family hurts his feelings, he heads outside to sulk. His sister, Willamina, and his brother, Hitch, try to apologize, but Spinky is too busy sulking to care.

Despite all of the family’s efforts to get Spinky to end his outdoor sulk-fest, Spinky remains stubbornly disappointed in
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his family.

What will happen? Will Spinky continue to sulk or will he forgive his family?


Young readers will be able to see both sides of the matter in this interesting tale. Yes, children’s feelings can be hurt, and, yes, they even sulk. But by showing Spinky’s reluctance to forgive his family, even after they’ve made multiple attempts to apologize, the young reader will recognize the need for everyone to have understanding . . . and to be forgiving.

Colorful pictures accompany the text and truly capture the essence of a sulking child and provide adults with an opportunity to discuss family relationships, feelings, and acceptable behavior with the young reader.

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