A Ball for Daisy

by Chris Raschka

Other authorsChris Raschka (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2011

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Schwartz & Wade (2011), Edition: Illustrated, 32 pages


A wordless picture book showing the fun a dog has with her ball, and what happens when it is lost.

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LibraryThing member LydiaBree
The story is about a little dog named Daisy. Daisy has a ball that is very special to her. One day her owner takes Daisy to the park to play ball. While playing, a friend dog joins the game and pops Daisy's ball. Daisy is very sad, even when her little girl owner tries to comfort her. She does not
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have her peppy, happy expression when going to the park another day. However, a big surprise awaits Daisy. The friend dog's owner brings Daisy a new ball! The two become great friends and enjoy playing ball together. Daisy is given the new ball and she is overjoyed with the gift.
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LibraryThing member MalissaLojszczyk
This wordless picture book tells the story of Daisy the dog and her favorite toy: a red ball. Daisy loves her ball. She even sleeps with it. One day at the park, another dog destroys her ball. Daisy is very sad until she gets a new blue ball from the other dog's owner.
LibraryThing member kay_mccay
It's a good book for any elementary student; because there is no text, it doesn't exclude any reader from interpreting from it what they will. It's really an art piece for children. The messages that are conveyed, of friendship, sharing, and giving back, all find their way to the reader through
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comic-like illustrations. Wonderfully done as strictly a picture book.
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LibraryThing member SarahChaisson
Daisy (dog) loses ball and emotion can be seen throughout this book through color and line. There are no words, only pictures. There is a critical moment when Daisy's ball is popped by another dog. In the end, Daisy gets a new ball and makes a new friend.
LibraryThing member JTNguyen
This is a great picture book. It has great art and a sweet little story about a dog and her ball.
LibraryThing member Kcarline143
The book is wordless thus makes the students tell the story. The body language and showing of emotions are portrayed strongly through the use of color. Daisy a dog is drawn to this red ball. She goes out to play and ball is lost then another dog pops the ball. The next day the owner of the dog
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gives Daisy another ball and her emotions are back to admiration and love for this new ball.
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LibraryThing member candaceZ
Summary: This book is A Ball For Daisy by Chris Raschka. This book has no words in it. You follow the pictures page by page to figure out the story. It is about a dog who has a red ball. Daisy loves her red ball she sleeps with her ball and snuggles with her ball. Her owner takes her and her ball
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to the park to play. Daisy is playing with her ball when a brown dog gets it and pops it. Daisy is so sad and mopes about. The next day the owner of the brown dog brings daisy a new ball and she is very happy.

Personal: I absolutly loved this book. I didn't realize you could read a book with no pictures. Everytime I read it to my children they make up different story to go along with the pictures. The story is never the same but so cute. I also watched another teacher read the book. She wrote the words on paper and let her students read it out loud as she turned the pages. The pictures are full of color and very imaginative.

Extension idea: I would recommend this book for all ages.
It also teaches children when they break something its nice to replace it.
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LibraryThing member kelsimcnab
This is a very cute story, about a dog and his toy ball. The dog gets very said when his ball pops, but he gets a new one. This is a great book to read when teaching about forshadowing. This book also has great illustrations.
LibraryThing member nnicolic
This a fun loving picture book. The story is about a dog (Daisy) and her favorite toy which is a ball. Through the elements of art, the pictures come to life. Anyone who has had a dog can relate to Daisy. While Daisy was playing in the park, another pops her ball and the reader can see and
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understand the emotions Daisy goes through. This book is very cute and a great read.
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LibraryThing member lakertraw
A cute wordless, picture book about a ball and his love of his red ball.
LibraryThing member mmgomez1
I absolutly LOVED this book! This is a wonderful story told only with pictures, NO words! The images tell you a story about a dog named daisy who loved her ball! She would go anywhere and everywhere with the ball. Daisy eventually looses her ball and appears to be very sad, the next day she goes to
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the park and another dogs gives his ball to her!
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LibraryThing member SarahClick
This is a picture book without any words depicting a dog losing his ball. He tries other toys but they are not the same. One day the other dog that has his ball returns it and he is happy again.

Personal Reaction:
I think the book is cute but not something that would entertain too many
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children. The artwork is very interesting, it looks like watercolors. I think the author did a very good job of depicting what is going on with the artwork but personally I didn't find it life changing.

Classroom Extension Ideas:
1. Teaching about different art
2. Arts and Crafts assignment of creating their own book that is just pictures
3. Teaching about sharing or returning things to their owners
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LibraryThing member ecosborne
This is a book without words where the pictures tell the story.Daisy receives a ball from her owner who then takes her to the park to play. However another dog comes along to play and pops the ball. Daisy is very upset but the next time she goes to the park the other dog brings her a new ball. The
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illustrations in this book are quite amazing especially showing texture.
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LibraryThing member lhamed
A Ball for Daisy is a picture book that shows how much a dog is enjoying her ball until another dog pops it. It’s a very cute wordless, picture book that kids in grades preschool through third would really enjoy.
LibraryThing member Eclouse
A wordless book taking the reader through the journey of a dog who loves her ball until she meets a friend and it pops. Daisy is so sad until the other dog brings her a new ball. This is a great book because the illustrations are literally the book. It gives students an excuse to use their
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imagination and make up their own story.
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LibraryThing member bdecossa
This book is about a dog who enjoys playing with his ball. Another dog at the park ends up popping his ball and he becomes very sad. He then gets a new ball and is once again happy.
LibraryThing member Bethany1221
Daisy is a dog who loves her red ball. The story goes on to show that Daisy takes her red ball everywhere she goes. One day another dog pops her beloved red ball. Daisy is heartbroken. The illustrations capture how she feels very well. Daisy goes home and the next day Daisy is given a new purple
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ball. Daisy soon becomes happy and now her red ball is replaced. Chris Raschkas illustrations in this book are excellent. You can easily tell when Daisy is happy, confused and heartbroken. Well done.
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LibraryThing member DenaLanders
This story had no words but just illustrations. Which told the story just as well as it would with words. This book was about a dog named Daisy who loves this bright red ball and she takes it evreywhere, even sleeps with it evrynight. Well one day she goes to the park and it gets popped then she is
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completely heart-broken. The pictures from this book really showed emotion from the colors. Such as when she was happy the sky was full of light blues and yellows but when she became sad the sky turned purple and blue. Great book for children who cannot read yet and love books!
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LibraryThing member KimReadingLog
Daisy loves her big red ball. One day at the park, another dog accidentally pops it. Daisy is devastated, but the next time they go to the park, the other dog and its owner present Daisy with a present – a big blue ball, which she is so happy to have. The illustrations depicting Daisy’s love
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for her ball and her series of emotions as she comes to grip with the loss, help you realize why this was a Caldecott Award winner. Awesome!
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LibraryThing member smdorr
Daisy's favorite toy ball gets popped by another dog at the park by accident. Daisy is devastated. However, the very next day, Daisy learns that the dog who popped her favorite toy ball brings her a new one and they become friends. This is another good book about friendship and caring for others
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and is also a good book to teach predicting skills.

*Caldecott Winne
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LibraryThing member klledet
Daisy's story was cute and dealt with friendship. It would be good for teaching early beginning readers to predict mainly because the reader must examine the emotions of Daisy to uncover the story . (Winner of the Caldecott Award)
LibraryThing member BarrettOlivia
A wordless book that describes a dog, Daisy, and her beloved ball. The illustrator uses simple water color to illustrate the story that is Daisy losing her favorite ball, facing the heartbreak, and then regaining a new ball. Positive and happy expressions in Daisy is created with upbeat body
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language, bright accent colors, and Daisy is always happy when her tongue is present. When Daisy is facing devastation, the background colors are of a dark grey, which creates a more morose feeling that truly describes the heartbreak that Daisy feels when she loses her ball. The wordless books direct it's readers to pay extra attention to the visual details, which can hopefully lead it's readers to develop strong observant skills.
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LibraryThing member phoenixcomet
A wordless book about a dog, his ball and the little girl who loves him.
LibraryThing member mccabe1030
I personally love wordless books. The children love to read them aloud to me. This particular wordless book can be told in many different ways depending on the child’s background. The illustrations are simplistic and yet convey very deep emotions. The main character of the dog is drawn mainly in
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gray and black with a little bit of pink uses for his tongue. His facial expression is created from a line down his nose and two line or dot eyes that can create his delight in playing fetch to his sorrow in losing the ball under the gate to his fear as another dog takes the ball to his shock and anger as the ball is popped. What I thought really moves the reader through the book are the background colors that were chosen. They help the reader read the dog’s feelings as they turn each page. A wonderful tale of a dog who loses a favorite toy but finding a friend.
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LibraryThing member ekstewar
Summary: This story is about a dog named Daisy who loves her new ball but when it's punctered by another dog at the park she is very sad. Daisy is comforted by her owner until she meets the same dog in the park again and receives a new ball.
Genre: Wordless Book
Personal Reflection: I really enjoyed
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the watercolor illustrations of this book. Being a story without words, the illustrations are even more important and this does a great job of telling the story without saying a word.
Concept: I think this story teaches about simple human/animal emotions, how to make and keep friends and having sympathy for someone else.
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