Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?

by Martin Waddell

Other authorsBarbara Firth (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1992

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Candlewick (1992), Edition: Reprint, 32 pages


When bedtime comes Little Bear is afraid of the dark, until Big Bear brings him lights and love.

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LibraryThing member Oliverday
Steve read this to Oliver. Too many words but he sat through it. Little bear wants to light up the dark. In the end they go out and see the moon. I found the 'big bear, little bear' thing a bit weird. Who is the Big bear? Is it the mother, the father?
LibraryThing member hnebeker
This is another good book about children being afraid of the dark. I would recommend reading this to a child/toddler who is having trouble sleeping in their "big boy/girl" bed for the first time. This would also be a good book to help open up the dialogue with a child about what they are afraid of
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and why. The illustrations are beautiful and the anniversary printing is really nice.
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LibraryThing member slrice
Little Bear is afraid of the dark and Big bear tries many solutions to help Little bear sleep. Finally Big bear comes up with a terrific plan to help ease Little Bear's fear.
LibraryThing member awoodham93
After a long day of playing, it is time for little bear to go to sleep. Only, little bear can not sleep because he is afraid of the dark! Big bear brings little bear a tiiny lantern to light up the cave, but little bear still cant fall back asleep. Big bear brings little bear a bigger lantern, but
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little bear is still scared. Big bear brings little bear the biggest lantern they have, but little bear is still scared of the dark outside of the cave. Big bear brings little bear outside and shows him the moon and the stars, so that little bear wont be afraid anymore. However, little bear finally falls asleep in big bears arms. This is a great book for a restless child at bedtime who can not sleep or is afraid of the dark.
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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
Big Bear and Little Bear - "Big Bear is the big bear, and Little Bear is the little bear," the narrator informs us, in one of those dead-pan asides that I always find irresistibly hilarious - settle in for the night in this charming bedtime story about being afraid of the dark. Unable to get to
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sleep, Little Bear tosses and turns, and although Big Bear continually interrupts his reading (what a father!) to bring him progressively larger lanterns, nothing seems to help him overcome his fear of the dark that is "all around." Finally, Big Bear takes Little Bear outside, in order to give him the biggest lantern of all...

The second bedtime book from Northern Irish author Martin Waddell, after the equally delightful Owl Babies, that I have read, Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? is an immensely satisfying book, depicting both Little Bear's fears, and Big Bear's compassion and patience, with sympathy. The artwork by Barbara Firth is simply delightful, perfectly capturing the emotional register of each scene. The final episode, in which Little Bear has fallen asleep in Big Bear's arms, and Big Bear (finally!) gets to finish his book, was particularly adorable. Highly recommended to anyone looking for good quality bedtime stories! For my part, I think I may try to track down more of Big Bear and Little Bear's adventures...
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LibraryThing member Ashabani
Loved this book since I was a child. I was glad to get to re-read it.
LibraryThing member lpicke2
I liked this book. I liked the characters in the story because the relationship between Big Bear and Little Bear showed Big Bear comforting Little Bear in the dark just how any parent would comfort his or her child. I also liked the climax of the story when Big Bear took Little Bear outside in the
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dark to see the moonlight because the moon shines bright and makes it not so dark anymore. The main message of this story is that parents will do anything for their child to make him or her feel safe.
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LibraryThing member SamanthaMulkey
This book is about a little bear who is afraid to go to sleep, because he is afraid of the dark. His mother helps him to not be afraid. I really liked this book. It had a good flow, and was pretty interesting. I read this book to a couple of second grade boys and they were hanging on to every word.
LibraryThing member rhigginbotham
Little Bear is afraid of the dark and has a difficult time trying to fall asleep. Big Bear brings Little Bear multiple sources of night lights until the dark is all gone, but Little bear is still afraid. Big Bear takes him outside and shows him the moon and the stars to show Little Bear that there
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is always a "nightlight" on, and the dark is nothing to be afraid of.
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LibraryThing member empress8411
These books are too adorable, sweet, and fun. This particular story is perfect for bedtime. Little Bear is afraid of the dark, but with Big Bear's help, he finds the light and safety enough to sleep soundly. With Firth's adorable and perfect illustrations, this story is a must for any child's
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