Three Golden Keys, The

by Peter Sís

Hardcover, 1994

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Doubleday (1994), Edition: 1st, 58 pages


Led by a cat on a magical journey through the deserted streets of Prague, a man comes upon some of the city's landmarks and finds the keys to his childhood home in three traditional Czech tales.

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LibraryThing member ruthe002
This touching book is dedicated to the author's daughter and shares the storys and myths surrounding the city of Prague. The scene is dark and mysterious and will captivate young readers with the desire to discover what is waiting within the author's childhood home.
LibraryThing member jcole7
This picture book was about a young man who had the opportunity to go back in time to his home from his young to remember his childhood memories. He is taken on a journey by his cat to find three keys that will open the gate to his boyhood home. On his journey, he finds all three keys in the
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village where he grew up. Each key was found in a specific place where he spent much time at. Once he finds all three keys, he opens the gate and enters the house. He then hears his mother's voice and many more memories flutter into his mind.

Overall, this book was okay. Although, i feel that it would be best read to older elementary children rather than younger. The story is long and rather dull.

Classroom extension: 1) The students could write a list of three significant events that has happened so far, that they will be in their memory forever. 2) The students could also have a creative writing assignment with the prompt: " if you could go back in time to an event in your life, where would you go?"
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LibraryThing member Smiler69
This book, written when Sís's daughter was a mere toddler, is dedicated to her so that she can look back on part of the rich heritage that he has transmitted to her. Peter Sís was born in Czechoslovakia and left his beloved city of Prague in 1968. Here he tells the tale of a man in a balloon, who
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lands in the middle of Prague and sets out to find his childhood home. When he finds it, there are three padlocks keeping the front doors locked. A cat greets him and encourages him to follow her as she takes him to three important landmarks, where the man is handed a scroll and a golden key. Each of the scrolls contains a legend taken from the rich cultural history of Prague. The illustrations are simply gorgeous, and this books was especially meaningful to me since I visited Prague in the late 90s and was forever transformed by this trip; the book brought me right back to this beautiful and unique place, and I can attest that it is an excellent way to discover Prague right from your living room.
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LibraryThing member engpunk77
Take a walk through the Prague of Peter Sis's childhood and learn of some of the folktales/myths with which he grew up.

I'm really getting sucked into Sis's artwork, even though I hated it in The Wall. I don't really know who his intended audience is, besides an adult daughter, but this certainly
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isn't a children's book. This falls under the "picture books for adults" genre, I'd say (although it's not a graphic novel).

After reading these picture books, I think, "Well, that was interesting." And that's about it. However, I feel like I know a little bit about Prague, now. A LITTLE bit.
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LibraryThing member raizel
Included in this book is a two-page spread telling a Sorcerer's Apprentice-like story of the Golem with porridge overwhelming the town.




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