Little Bear's Visit

by Else Holmelund Minarik

Other authorsMaurice Sendak (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1979

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HarperCollins (1979), Edition: 1st, 64 pages


Little Bear enjoys a visit with his grandparents.

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Little Bear has a busy day at Grandma and Grandpa’s- they have fun together and each grandparent tells him a story. At the end he pretends to sleep, but shows everyone that he was joking and not tired- until he falls asleep for real.
LibraryThing member RoseMarion
This is a sweet book for the beginning reader to enjoy. It displays the special bond that many grandparents and grandchildren share with one another. In this short and compact read, Little Bear visits Grandfather Bear and Grandmother Bear for a day filled with good food, fun stories, and playful
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moments. At the end of his fun day, Little Bear drifts off into a peaceful sleep as his parents return to take him home. The illustrations within the text are sweet and truly show the love between Little Bear and his grandparents. Your little ones will enjoy this book, whether reading it by themselves or sharing it with you. Little Bear’s Visit is a Caldecott Honor Book and is truly a classic piece of children’s literature to be shared and enjoyed!
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LibraryThing member imai
This story is about a little bear. Oneday,he visited his grandfather and grandmother's house. He spend very nice time with them.
I felt that someone can easy understand about this book. So,this book is written by easy English. Little bear is so sute. I made happy by this book.
LibraryThing member Jenlovely
Little Bear goes to visit his Grandparents and this simple story is that of any visit to a Grandparents house. There is lots of eating and pretty things to look at and Grandpa even falls asleep in his chair! Grandmother and Grandfather also tell Little Bear stories of his mother growing up and
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scary goblin stories too which he loves. He ends his visit pretending to sleep and hearing of the things that his Grandparents want to do with him the next day. This book creates a sweet relationship between Little Bear and his Grandparents that any child would want to have with his own Grandparents.
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LibraryThing member shellybjorklund
Age: Intermediate
Genre: Fantasy
Review: This story includes bears who talk, which couldn't happen, so it is clearly fantasy. However, it incorporates aspects of things that humans could relate to, like telling stories with grandparents, falling asleep on a couch, etc.
Media: Colored Pencil
LibraryThing member adaniel11
Genre: Fantasy
Review: The author stays true to the genre of fantasy by creating a story that could not take place in our world. This book follows Little Bear, a talking bear, as he goes to visit his grandparents. While aspects of this book could be true if you swapped out Little Bear for a human,
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the author did not write it that way.
Media: Pencil/Ink and Watercolo
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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
Little Bear spends some time with his grandparents in this fourth early-reader from author Else Holmelund Minarik and illustrator Maurice Sendak, enjoying everything about his visit, from the games he plays to the stories he hears. In Grandmother and Grandfather Bear, the first of four brief
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stories or chapters, he devours Grandmother Bear's delicious treats, and wears Grandfather Bear out with his play. Mother Bear's Robin features a story within a story, as Little Bear asks for and listens to a tale from his own mother's girlhood, when she briefly adopted a lost Robin. Goblin Story is another story within a story, this time related by Grandfather Bear, who spins the spooky tale of a little goblin who finds himself pursued by...something. Finally, Not Tired sees our little ursine hero waiting for his parents to come pick him up after his visit, insisting - even as he is falling asleep - that he is not tired.

I loved all five of the Little Bear books as a young girl, but Little Bear's Visit was a particular favorite! With a text that captures all the warmth of family love - Grandmother and Grandfather Bear are affectionate and wise, clearly understanding their Little Bear's needs and desires - and beautifully expressive artwork that is truly deserving of the Caldecott Honor it received, this is a truly brilliant little book. Rereading it as an adult, I was struck by some of the details - Little Bear informing his grandfather that he had been warned not to tire him out, and being told in return that Grandfathers don't get tired; Grandmother Bear and Little Bear complimenting one another on their skipping skills; Grandfather Bear telling Little Bear that it is OK to hold his paw while listening to a frightening story, because he (Grandfather) might be frightened - that make this story so rich, despite its textual simplicity.

Little Bear's Visit is, together with its companion volumes, one of the truly great contributions to children's literature - one I highly recommended to all young beginning readers, as well as to fans of Maurice Sendak's artwork.
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LibraryThing member Honanb
This Little Bear story highlights the joys of visiting with grandparents. It shows the proper behavior children should display during a visit, such as saying please and thank you, and not demanding to be fed. Little Bear enjoys listening to his grandparents' stories, as well as exploring the
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interesting objects he finds in their house. The text is large and easy to read, as well as comprehensible to emerging readers, and the greens and browns of the illustrations match the quaint woodland charm of the story.
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LibraryThing member sstelz2
In my opinion, “Little Bear’s Visit” is a wonderful book for children who are just beginning to read chapter books. The story’s plot is something that many children can relate to because it is about visiting grandparents. The plot was not suspenseful, but it was organized and paced well. In
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the story, Little Bear visits his grandfather and grandmother. He listens to riveting stories that his grandparents tell. His grandmother tells him about when she was young and became friends with a bird. Little Bear’s grandfather tells him a silly story about a goblin who was afraid of his own shoes. Towards the end of the visit, Little Bear falls asleep from his long day. The writing style is very engaging. For example, the grandfather says, “One day a little goblin went by an old cave. It was old. It was cold. It was dark. And something inside it went bump. What was that? BUMP! ‘Hoo-ooh—’ cried the goblin.” The book also incorporates some illustrations. The illustrations display sketches that were created by pencils. These illustrations show pictures of the most memorable parts of the story. For example, there are pictures for when Little Bear arrives at his grandparents’ house, during his grandparents’ stories, and when he falls asleep. The big idea is to teach children that they can learn many things from their grandparents and that they can have fun with them.
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LibraryThing member cclark37
Summary: "Little Bear's Visit" is a story about Little Bear and the time he spends at his grandparents' house. Little Bear loves going to his grandparents' house for many reasons (such as to eat cookies), but what he loved the most was when he got to hear stories about robins and goblins. Little
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Bear asks his grandpa to tell him a story, but grandpa falls asleep shortly after agreeing. Little Bear then asks his grandma to tell a story, and she does. She tells him a story about a robin bird, and a story about a goblin. All of the storytelling leaves Little Bear very sleepy, and he falls asleep.
Review: This book was obviously dedicated to grandchildren and grandparents based on the story within. Little Bear is like any other grandchild: curious and eager to learn. Little Bear exhibits these qualities in a constant fashion, always asking his grandparents to tell him a story. I enjoyed this story and would like to incorporate it into a lesson at some point.
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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Caldecott Honor and well-deserving. All Little Bear stories are wonderful, but this is particularly note-worthy because it promotes the value of staying close to one's extended family.
LibraryThing member tbeard76
Little Bear spends the day with his grandparents playing and telling stories until it is time to go home and he is sleepy.
LibraryThing member quondame
I remember the Little Bear books fondly, but not from my childhood. Perhaps from reading them to children I was babysitting. This is a typically gentle story with two short embedded tales.





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