Mouse and Mole: Fine Feathered Friends

by Wong Herbert Yee

Other authorsWong Herbert Yee (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2011

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Clarion Books (2011), Edition: Reprint, 48 pages


When spring arrives, Mole and Mouse find a unique way to bird watch.

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LibraryThing member nathaliewargo
5starP. I don't believe this book can really be explained by radical change. There is no change in format or form from beginning reader books through history (Dr. Seuss, Frog and Toad). I don't believe their are really any new perspectives or pushed boundaries either. It is simply a story about
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anthropomorphic animals like many, many others. It's a good story, though.
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LibraryThing member AndreaGough
Recommended ages 5-7.
Friends mouse and mole bird-watch, get crafty, make a book of what they've seen.
Not explained by RC
LibraryThing member jkh322
Cute book, easy reader. Nominated for Geisel award.
LibraryThing member Chandra672
Good book for those who are just starting to enjoy chapter books. This story has a great and easy to read story line. It is also quite funny. This book my be good to read to students if they need to understand what a plot entails. Each chapter is broken up by showing the reader there is a problem,
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this would give the students the opportunity to guess what the solution to the problem might be. Good for using words to describe a thing. Also a good book to show that people or animals can help each other, and not everyone is good at everything.
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LibraryThing member MartyAllen
Mouse and Mole decide to make a book about birds. Illustrations, done in a colorful crayon style, will appeal to young readers with their childlike simplicity. Readers will laugh at Mouse and Mole as they try to create their book, with some good ideas…and some bad. The end will make everyone
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smile, as both characters find a way to shine in their own way, showing that everyone has his or her own strengths. The two are never daunted by the problems that arise, instead thinking of ways around them, sometimes with hilarious results, but always working together as friends. The lightness and easiness will make this an enjoyable read for younger children, while the breakup into four connected tales will allow them to feel like they are reading a more advanced book and give them a sense of accomplishment upon completion.
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LibraryThing member HayleeKai
Mouse and Mole want to go bird watching and draw pictures. However, every time they get near a bird it flies away. So Mouse decides that him and Mole should dress like birds and build a nest so that they can get closer to the birds. The idea is successful. When the arrive home they discover that
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Mole can draw amazing pictures and that Mouse has written wonderful little poems about them. They combine their pictures and words and create a book!
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LibraryThing member hcurrey
This would be an effective guided reading selection to use during a unit on living things, habitats, conservation, etc. Newly independent readers will be proud to read this fun book to others.
LibraryThing member scote23
A cute book. Not the winner of the Geisel Award but still a very good early chapter book.
LibraryThing member huertaen
This is a book about a mouse and mole that seek to create a picture book about birds. The only problem is that they can't seem to get close enough to any of the birds to draw their pictures. They devise a plan, to dress up as birds because it appears as though birds are not afraid of other birds.
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It teaches a bit about birds and their habitats. In the end of the book they find that mouse is a really good artist and mole is much better with his words and writing. So they decide to make one book together. This is an early reader chapter book. USE: education on birds and habitat; team work.
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LibraryThing member Jlporrata75
What sweet book on the venue of "Toad and Frog" for beginners readers to enjoy and discover the essence of friendship. Love characters and their task: to draw birds for making book. Thru this process both friends discover their strengths and combined them into one book. Drawing style is simple and
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warm, watercolors with lines added with color pencils for contour, details and texture. After reading one book in this series I am already in love with Mole and Mouse!
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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
For an 'Early Reader' there were some awfully challenging words. But other than that, it fits all the parameters. It's a cute friendship story between small animals, short sentences, short 'chapters,' bright sweet pictures, closer to the size of a novel than a picture-book, and part of a series. A
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charming example of a winning formula.

This one I found especially delightful because the friends are birders - as are my parents.
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LibraryThing member Mimarler
A story of friends mouse and mole who are avid bird fans and want to find them to draw. This book shows the funny lengths they go to succeed.


Flicker Tale Award (Nominee — 2012)
Geisel Award (Honor Book — 2010)
Iowa Goldfinch Award (Nominee — 2013)




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