God's Very Good Idea (Tales That Tell the Truth)

by Trillia Newbell

Other authorsCatalina Echeverri (Illustrator), Catalina Echeverri (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2017



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The Good Book Company (2017), 32 pages


Everyone you see is different than you, and the same as you. We look different, speak different and play different ... but we are all valuable. That's because, in the beginning, God had the very good idea of making us that way. This is the story of his idea - and how you can be a part of it!

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LibraryThing member littleone1996
It’s hard to find good books to share the Gospel with little children. But this book knocks it out of the park. Trillia Newbell takes us through God’s plan for the world and His creation of the world. She tells us how man sinned and the world was broken, and then she leads us through how God
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rescued a people from the world. Newbell tells children of God’s very good plan for the universe and how they can be a part of that happy plan by repenting and believing in Jesus. She speaks clearly and succinctly, in a way even little ones can understand.

I love the way Newbell encompasses all races and age groups in her invitation to come to Jesus. Colorful illustrations show us that anyone can be included in God’s happy plan.

“People who like reading need forgiveness, and people who like riding bikes need forgiveness.
People with darker skin need forgiveness, and people with lighter skin need forgiveness.
People with curly hair need forgiveness, and people with straight hair need forgiveness.”

I have to admit, even though this book is meant for children, I often read it to myself. The Gospel is so clearly explained. As a person with autism I sometimes struggle to read my Bible or understand the Gospel, and this book helps me comprehend and latch onto the truth about Jesus.

“One day, God will finish his very good idea. Jesus will come back and make the world perfect again. And anyone who has asked Jesus to forgive them will live there, with their different languages and skin colors.”

I highly recommend this book for people of all ages and skin colors. I hope you read it and rest everything in Jesus.
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