Rumours of Another World : What on Earth Are We Missing?

by Philip Yancey

Hardcover, 2003



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Zondervan Publishing House (2003), Edition: International Ed, 272 pages


What on earth are we missing? Philip Yancey believes we are missing the supernatural hidden in everyday life. In Rumors of Another World, Yancey investigates the natural world and discovers the supernatural hiding in plain view. He grapples with why God made the world and what our role truly is, and seeks to answer the question, "How do I live in the natural world while expressing the values of the supernatural?" Philip writes, "I have come to understand faith as the highest form of integrated encounter. Faith puts together, assembles, re-orders, accepting the entire world as God's handiwork. We live among clues, like rescuers sifting through pieces of stained glass shattered by a bomb, and only with a blueprint or some memory of original design can we begin to connect the shards, to assemble them into a pattern that makes sense of our world. "Nature and supernature are not two separate worlds, but different expressions of the same reality. To encounter the world as a whole, we need a more supernatural awareness of the natural world." Yancey invites readers to join him on a journey of discovery. He challenges us to tune into "rumors of another world," and connect the seen with the unseen. He promises that the grace-filled result will be a life of beauty, purpose, freedom, and faith.… (more)

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LibraryThing member MeditationesMartini
Frustratin'! That is becoming my default reaction to you, Mr. Yancey. You'll be talking about, I dunno, lust (I dunno), and you'll be so eloquent about the necessity of relationships and the brutalizing nature of casual sex and I'll be all "What ARE we doing?" and then you'll ruin it all by going
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". . . and THAT's why sex needs to be marital." Like, a relationship doesn't mean anything otherwise? Like the human craving for something higher leads inevitably to a Christian God? I know, I know, "I believe because it's absurd," but it's frustrating when your line of argument is usually so cogent and then gets all namby-pamby when it comes time to close that last gap. I can understand the leap of faith, but I can't understand doing all the hard logical slogging to get you there. Why not just leap, and take Jesus for what you can, and the rest be damned? When you do that, Phil, you get whimsical, and your tossed-off whimsical ideas about God are your best ones.
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LibraryThing member jd234512
Although I still enjoy anything that Yancey puts out, I wonder if some of them are starting to run together or the things I read are just running together. There is always good insight and usually a lot of good references to other books, however, so I still see worth in continuing to read his
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books. This one does a good job of putting some good perspective into place and realizing that our lens is often limited.
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