Seeing and savouring Jesus Christ

by John Piper

Paperback, 2005



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IVP (2005), Edition: New Ed, 128 pages


Who is Jesus Christ?You've never met him in person, and you don't know anyone who has. But there is a way to know who he is. How? Jesus Christ-the divine Person revealed in the Bible-has a unique excellence and a spiritual beauty that speaks directly to our souls and says, "Yes, this is truth." It's like seeing the sun and knowing that it is light, or tasting honey and knowing that it is sweet.The depth and complexity of Jesus shatter our simple mental frameworks. He baffled proud scribes with his wisdom but was understood and loved by children. He calmed a raging storm with a word but would not get himself down from the cross.Look at the Jesus of the Bible. Keep your eyes open, and fill them with the portrait of Jesus in God's Word. Jesus said, "If anyone's will is to do God's will, he will know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own authority." Ask God for the grace to do his will, and you will see the truth of his Son.John Piper has written this book in the hope that all will see Jesus for who he really is and will come to enjoy him above all else.… (more)

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LibraryThing member wiseasgandalf
The healing of the soul begins by restoring the glory of God to its flaming, all-attractive place at the center (of our soul). (p.15)

There is no one who doubts there is something that needs healing in the human soul.

But the proposed cures are many, even in Christianity.

The fact that American
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Christians are largely just as dysfunctional as unbelievers is testimony that we largely haven't gotten the cure of the soul right.

To overuse a cliche', maybe we haven't kept the main thing the main thing.

The main thing is Jesus Christ. God created our souls to see and savor the glory of His Son.

That is what John Piper helps us to do in Seeing & Savoring Jesus Christ. In 124 pages Piper gives us portraits of Christ's deity, His power, His wisdom, His sacrifice, His mercy. Unbelievers will be confronted with the truth and the beauty of who Jesus is. Believers will get to lovingly gaze at their Savior.

Seeing & Savoring Jesus Christ is a wonderful book for personal devotions, group study, and outreach.
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LibraryThing member MarthaHuntley
Excellent book! I've been reading it this Lenten season in the predawn when I do Bible meditation. It's been a blessing in helping me to see and savor Jesus the Christ.


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