Storekeeper's Daughter (Daughters of Lancaster County)

by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Paperback, 2018



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Barbour Books (2018), 320 pages


Fiction. Romance. Christian Fiction. HTML: Time seems to stand still in Naomi Fisher's tranquil community, but it cannot hold back tragedy. Helping her widowed father run a store, manage a household, and raise seven children is a daunting task. There is no time to think about courtship or having her own family, though her heart yearns for the attention of Caleb Hoffmeir. But her days are plotted for her-until the afternoon her baby brother disappears from the yard. How can Naomi expect anyone to love and trust her if she can't take care of one small boy? Should she leave all that is familiar and seek a new avenue of life? The Storekeeper's Daughter is book 1 in the Daughter's of Lancaster County series. Other books in the series include The Quilter's Daughter: Book 2 and The Bishop's Daughter: Book 3..… (more)

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LibraryThing member Vickie86
I really loved this book and was sad when it ended. I wanted to know more about this family. I was a little hesitant at first but I soon got hooked and soon couldn't put it down. Can't wait to see what happens in the next two books.
LibraryThing member Brandie
Well I mostly liked the book. I felt one part of it was not wrapped up and resolved and I'm kind of mad that it wasn't! I can't say more at this point ... but aside from that, it was one of those great books to read when you are moody (as I am today) and need a mostly-happily-ever-after-ending
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(which I did and why I'm mad it's not completely happily ever after!)
I will read the next book in the series I think ... and decide if I really do like these books or not!
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LibraryThing member bowman.cyndi
Naomi is the eldest daughter, taking responsibility for her father and siblings after her mother is killed in a freak accident. Then, in an instant, Naomi’s youngest brother Zach is snatched from under her nose – she had just turned her back for an instant! Now, her life revolves around trying
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to redeem herself to her father. How can Naomi’s father forgive her when Naomi can’t forgive herself?
Jim and Linda Scott had tried for so long to have a child of their own but the possibilities were getting fewer all the time. A private adoption turned sour when the young mother decided to keep the baby at the last minute and Jim, who had gone by himself to pick up the baby was left with the heart-wrenching task of telling his wife that she, again, was being denied a child of her own. When Jim stops by an Amish farmhouse for a drink and the baby is left in Jim’s company, the temptation is too much. It had to be fate, right? Now, Jim must weave a web of lies that becomes harder and harder to maintain.
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LibraryThing member suzanne5002
An Amish man loses his wife through death, his youngest child who is 1-yr. old gets kidnapped and his oldest child runs away with an English friend.

His daughter runs away since she is running the household, takes care of her younger children and is helping to run the family store. One of the
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reasons his daughter chooses to run away is the fact that she has no fun in her life. She also feels guilty for her brother being kidnapped. A young also man wants to court her but her dad forbids this custom since she has many so many duties at home.

Will the Amish man choose not be bitter the rest of his life? Does
he forgive his daughter for letting his youngest get kidnapped? Does her daughter come back home? Do the kidnappers feel remorse about what they have done?

This is a very good read about Amish life and their outlook on life.
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LibraryThing member KimSalyers
loved this book
I like reading amish books they are interesting
LibraryThing member fcplcataloger
I felt so sorry for Naomi Fisher during much of this book. Her mother died as a result of a tragic accident and suddenly Naomi was given the responsibility of being a mother figure to her seven siblings, including a two month old little boy. At the age when she was ready to begin her own life she
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was suddenly caring for a baby, trying to feed a family of eight, and doing all of the other duties associated with running a household AND she was also expected to help in her father's store! So much to handle and then, another event caused by her error in judgement caused Naomi to question her self-worth and her place in the family!

Author Wanda Brunstetter has created some memorable characters. Over-burdenened Naomi, her very strict and sometimes harsh father Abraham Fisher and the young man who had known Naomi since childhood and now wanted to court her. My compassion for Naomi was matched by my frustration with her father. Yes, I knew that he was grieving but he was extremely hard on Naomi. It was at the end of the story that I understood that his grief was matched by his dissatisfaction. He himself had never truly enjoyed being a storekeeper because he longed to work the land and suddenly I could offer him more sympathy!

"The Storekeeper's Daughter" is the first book in the Daughters of Lancaster County series. I checked it out from my public library and I look forward to reading the others in the series.
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